The Club At Rolling Hills

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Ladies and gentleman, I am warning you to not book your event here.  The food tastes like a frozen dinner with freezer burn. The banquet manager, Katie, is horrible. She has no attention to detail and seems very frazzled and inconvenienced when she is "helping" you.  She missed several details the night of our event and was not a pleasure to work with. The staff was lazy and inattentive,  they never refilled our drinks and they were never around the help my guests.  It is unfortunate because the views are stunning.

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We believe the Club at Rolling Hills is great. However, we see one area with room for improvement. In our calm objective opinion, Josh Michas should be stationed at the entrance of the pool area, to hand out chocolate mints, such as those in the clubhouse, to every guest that enters. This would improve the overall experience and image of the club.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Pleasantly surprised at how good the meal was for the 80 people or so who attended the luncheon.  I had salmon and it was moist and tasty.  Others had steak and said it was quite good.  The salad was crisp and flavorful.  The chocolate dessert was so good but very rich.  Service was right on and really I have no complaints.  Ok so maybe an hour from home but I will travel for food and wine.

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A nice setting and pretty facilities is no excuse for rude service and an air of elitism. My wife and I attended a wedding at the club and was made very aware by the staff that, since the guests were not members, we were beneath their consideration. After several guests were yelled at for sitting in an unmarked "members only" space, the 100+ guests were herded into a cramped hallway with one seat. The bride and bridesmaids were relegated to using the one restroom for their final preparation, the food was mediocre, and the entire environment was uninviting. The staff of this club should be ashamed of themselves for behaving in such a way to people who could have been potential members. Unprofessional! If you are ever invited to this place STAY AWAY and find somewhere that has class and an understanding of how to treat other human beings.

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Rolling Hills Country Club is a great club to join!  Not only does it have the best views in Denver, but the formal dining room is a great place to bring co-workers and friends for a dinner.   For more casual dining, the downstairs bar and lounge area have a *FANTASTIC* salad bar for lunch, serve a mean hamburger, and have the requisite chicken wings, reubens, etc.

The reason most folks join this Country Club, however, is for the golf.  The golf here is difficult and the pin positions change at least weekly, if not more.  It always feels like you are playing at a new club every week.  I thought I would miss playing other clubs once I joined, but the course is so challenging at RHCC that I'm always on my toes.  The course is absolutely beautiful and the best maintained course in the area.  The golf pros here are always available and quite nice.  I learned from them and it was great!

The golf here is only part of the equation.  My husband and I also partake of the swimming pool during the summer (where they put aside some laps for us older lap swimmers) and it's fun to watch the kids dive off the diving board.  The two kiddie pools are great for the younger kids as well.  It's fun to see them playing with the inflatable toys the club makes available!  Lunch and snacks are also served in the pool area.

Tennis is great as well!  During the wintertime, you can switch your sport over and take advantage of the indoor tennis areas.  The pro is fantastic and quite accepting of newbies as well.

If you want a place you can bring your family of all ages to have fun, as well as bring co-workers and guests for more upscale dining, Rolling Hills Country Club is the place to go!

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