The Citrus Club

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I by no means consider myself an expert golf critique, but I recently golfed at The Citrus Club with my dad and it was fantastic! We had a 9am tee off time, which in mid-April is about the perfect time to start your game. The temperature is not yet too hot, but you don't need to be up at an unGodly hour to start your game.  

The course is a typical Pete Dye course with lots of rolling hills and perfectly placed bunkers. It is an extremely playable course and you you lose just the right number of golf balls to keep you on your toes yet not get too frustrated!  This is a private club, so you'll have to play with a member to get on, but if you have the chance definitely take the opportunity.


-Don't forget to use the phone at the beginning of the 9th hole to call in your half way order. I highly recommend the smoothies, a great energizer for the back 9.

-For those of you who fancy the golf clothes more than the actual game, the pro shop had some really cute golf gear and some great deals for men and women.

-The cobb salad with chicken is fantastic.

-Hot, buttery popcorn in the mens locker room - an amazing way to finish the round!


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