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I'm a fan of all buffets, unless you make me sick.  This wasn't the buffet to end all buffets - those are all in Vegas - but for a Sunday brunch, this was very good.

Came here with family and my girlfriend for Sunday Brunch.  The buffet isn't extensive - but they have enough for everyone and its all cooked well.  They have the obligatory cold shrimp cocktail, which I didn't eat since I think seafood should be hot (with the exception of sushi).  They had a good salad station, and an excellent omlette station with bacon, ham, mushrooms, pepper, jalepenos, tomatoes, spinach, and I am sure there was more but I had a bowl of bacon and peppers and spinach, and that was enough for me.  Anyway, omlette came out great.

Also had carved ham, which wasn't fantastic - a bit dry and not very well seasoned - but they had delcious belgian waffles, eggs benedict, more bacon and sausage, chicken marsala, roasted potatoes, and cheese blintzes.  I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff.  The most disappointing item was their biscuits and sausage gravy.  The buscuits weren't buscuits - more like dinner rolls - and the sausage gravy was subpar.

For dessert, they had some pudding and cakes and cheesecake, as well as soft serve ice cream with all the toppings.  

So, some of it was very good, and some of it was just okay, so I feel obligated to give it a 3.  If everything was fantastic, then even with the smaller selection, I'd have gone to a 4.  Still, it was only $15 pp, and given the lack of brunch buffets in sarasota/bradenton, it was well worth going.  You're only other options are University Park (which I haven't been to but is $5 more), the Ritz, which is like $60 or so, or Lido Beach Resort, which is also something like $40.  So for the money, this is well worth a trip.

Did I mention I still had 3 plates plus dessert?  no?  Well I did, so it must have been pretty good...or I'm just a fat pig.

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