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I was here for an event about a month ago. I had offered to help the hosts set up. When we arrived at the club as per the timeframe given to us, the room was still messy from the wedding the night before. When we asked if they could vacuum, we were told that the staff had to get permission to do so and that they reserve the right to complete set up and vacuuming up until the moment the event begins. What professional event establishment would reserve the right to complete vacuuming from a wedding the night before as the guests are arriving for another event?  When our event started, the tables were not set, there was no water and the buffet was laid out late. The buffet was a huge disappointment. They laid out sandwich bread (white and wheat), a half full platter of 2 lunch meats, chips, a pasta salad that was mostly pasta - very few vegetables and a green salad that was mostly greens for over 50 people. We were astonished at the quality of this luncheon buffet.   It is the equivalent of what you would find in a school cafeteria.  Also, their drinking water has a strong metallic flavor.  Many of the guests commented on this issue and refused to drink the water.  If you have an expectation that your event room is reserved for just your guests, please note that we had golfers walking through the room. One of them even asked our guest to serve them coffee!  When our event hostess met with the manager to discuss the concerns, particularly about the cleanliness of the room prior to the commencement of our event, she was dismissed and told that they reserve the right to clean right up to the moment your event begins.  That response does not match the expectations outlined to the hostess at the time the event was booked.   Please think twice about booking events here. You pay a premium and you do not receive premium service.

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I wanted to have my wedding reception here, as the grounds and building are beautiful.  However, it was a nightmare to get a straight answer from Kirsty, the event coordinator.  We were completely set on this place, if only she gave us a set price.  She kept changing the price on us - first she said she would lower our guest count minimum, then she said she wouldn't do that but would give us 10% off, then she emailed a quote without 10% off.  I asked her for a contract with a quote twice and failed to get one from her.  This place must be very VIP if you have to beg for a contract.  Beautiful place, but don't waste your time with their horrible service.

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I am reviewing the restaurant since I was here for Breakfast with Santa.

I was pleased because it was not crowded, which can be a huge disappointment at similar settings.  When I scheduled our reservation, they asked that it be done on the half hour starting at 9.  This was very smart because they could turn over tables and more families could come later, if desired.

You do not need to be a member, the food selection was nice, not too overwhelming, and Santa was very patient with the crying children.

It was nice, clean, quick service, but the reason for deducting one star ~ it needs updating.

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