Tam O'Shanter Golf Course

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I hate this golf course. Such a waste of space. I wish it would close down. I think a park is better suited for the space the golf course takes up. Its a really small golf course.

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Mediocre service and course. Only good for beginners just learning the game.

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Like the last reviewer Tony, I myself have a soft spot for this golf course since I grew up near it. However today it is simply too plain with none of the amenities that I have seen at other courses run by the city. An example would be Dentonia Golf Course on Victoria Park. Not to mention an adult round of 18 is $45 off peak and $52 on peak compared to $24 and $27 at Dentonia. They are two different courses since Dentonia is a par 3 while Tam O'Shanter is majorly par 4 or 5 with a few par 3's. I think if they spruced up the course I could see how they would justify their prices. Bottom line if they improved the course and considered lowering the price I might come back here. Times aren't easy to put out $45-50 for a round of golf.

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Guess there aren't many golfers on Yelp.  

I'll always have a soft spot for Tam O'Shanter as this was the very first place I ever tried to hit a golf ball.  As a teen and not knowing anything about golf, we TTC'd here and rented some clubs, bought some balls and began my journey to try and hit a stupid little ball with a big stick then chase after it.

For a municipal course it's not too shabby.  It's a bit plain jane, and it doesn't have any of the ammenties you'd expect from  a country club, but that's part of the charm.

Weekend hacking here will always be a bit slow as you'll get a few novices like my first attempt who don't know anything about golfing etiquette.  Makes for an even longer session when they try and hit off the blue tees because there are three holes here that top 500 yards.  

If you don't feel like heading out of the city to play golf, this is one of your few choices.  Bring your clubs, and bring some patience.

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