Tacoma Country & Golf Club

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Dinner: Main Dining Room

Had dinner here with some friends.  The service and view were excellent.  It was taco night, which was tempting...but we were having more of a going-away celebration so we ordered off the menu.

1. Tanqueray Martini = good
2. Salad = requested they whip me up a vinaigrette with blue cheese crumbles; not on the menu, not a problem!  Very good.
3. Ordered the ribeye steak with blue-cheese sauce.  I ordered it a shade under medium-rare, told them to do it "legit" and that I was more likely to be unhappy with it over-cooked versus under-cooked.  

It came back medium-well :(    I was not paying so I was not going to say anything, but he asked me how it was cooked - I showed him without saying anything and he frowned and took it back.  It then must have gotten lost.  The chef came back out 15 minutes later and asked how everything was tasting, told him what happened...and that it had been a long time.  He was mad, said he'd go cook it himself and ran back to the kitchen and had my steak out in 5 minutes.  Perfectly cooked and delish.  He even comped the steak because of the un-defendable over-cook+re-order-getting-lost.

4.  Didn't have dessert.  

Overall I had a great evening, and the service was excellent.  I'd definitely go back

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Simply the best maintained golf course in the state.  PGA tour pro Spencer Levin said these are the best greens he's EVER seen.  Add in great food, great atmosphere and welcoming members, and this is the premier golf club in Western Washington.

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It's clean...It's green... It's supreme. You best be 'in' and know before you go. Truly it's one of the nicest golf clubs I've seen out side of Northern Cali. Very, very pristine. We went with friends here, because we just visit the area and truly don't want to throw down the cost of my BMW on the membership dues here. So it's nice to have friends in pretty places. Awesome driving range to hit some balls with my dad and his buddy. You can take the girl into the country, but not the club out of the girl.

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Went to a wedding here yesterday.  A lovely place with great views. The foods was pretty good. Only complaint - if you host a wedding and have a pasta bar, you need more than 2 cookers...people will stay in line forever and their food will be cold! Otherwise a great place!

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So I'm a new member of Tacoma cc and I absolutely love this place!  Great staff, great food, great atmosphere, but most importantly, great golf!  The greens are the best I've ever played, and I've played a lot of different courses!  If you're thinking about joining a club, this one is definitely one to consider (and I'm not on the board or anything so I'm not just saying that!)

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