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We were in B.C. this past week, visiting my wife's family and decided to give this course a try. I have heard about this course, but every time we travel to Vancouver, usually during the winter time, it's too cold to play. We played the Links course, a tournament going on the resort course. Overall, the course was great and it's a great track nestled into the mountain side. Couldn't get into a real groove during round, but enjoyed the course

·         Course is good shape-Greens rolled well, although a little damp as played at 7:30am, we're a bit faster as we finished.
·         Very challenging layout. A lot of the holes are not long but the fairways are narrow, and there are a lot of bunkers and hazards.  Most of the holes have a water hazard (small creeks or ponds) ...SO Club down and LAY UP
·         Very walkable
·         Facilities well maintained

·         The course doesn't drain well. This is not a real negative but there are parts of the course where my ball was plugged, especially in the fairway's, but again, these are the conditions you have to play with when playing in the northwest

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Do you guys recall the scene from Happy Gilmore where they filmed here? I didn't notice until I was informed prior to teeing off. "Ohhhh yeah, that's right." It's one hell of a drive to get here even from downtown Vancouver. One minute, it looks like you're about to drive into/towards the mountains then you're zooming through farm lands. Local signs that point the way are a bit hard to see so keep your eyes peeled. They have member parking for the elites close to the clubhouse while the regular folks get to walk from a bit further out.

We teed off on a typical gloomy British Columbia type day. However, this didn't feel like I was in the city or remotely close to there. Why? Humidity. It's 6-7am and I feel like I'm back in Thailand. We checked in, grabbed the cart, and headed off to the first hole. Still, no sign of sun. The fairways here are narrow. Warning, you're about to get into target golf country. It's really not that hilly, but not much room to work with. Random streams of water, thick and nasty brush align the roughs, and your average giant tall Canadian trees. Holes# 2-3, trickle of rain begins to drop. Luckily my boy had an extra umbrella for me. He's Canadian, he knows better. I'm from sunny California and I'm in shorts. I'm how would you say at that moment, an ignorant American. Keep playing, nothing is going to stop us.

A hole or two later, it pours. I mean drenches. I must decide, keep myself dry or keep my bag and gear dry since I'll have to pack it up soon to throw it on the plane. It gets rough. A few holes later, the rain eases up. The sky is turning into a lighter shade of gray which was a sign of relief. Keep hacking it up. Rain returns, why thank you for keeping it interesting. I forgot to mention, we were walking with push/pull carts and not riding in the motorized golf carts.

Oh, the rain wasn't just one element that was out of our hands. MOSQUITOES. TONS. OF. THEM. Get your bug sprays ready. I hope you guys loaded up on it. We sprayed, they still came. They started biting through our clothes so don't just spray on your exposed skin. Drench yourself in that lovely chemical like you're showering in it. These little blood suckers are vicious and relentless.

Hey, am I still in Canada or am I really back in Thailand? Really, I felt like I was in my parent's homeland. All was missing was some rice paddy fields surrounding the course and maybe some ox pulling some farm equipment. Everything else was present: the humidity, the rain, the bugs, the mountains in the far distance surrounding us, the thick brushes, and the random water hazards.

Course was difficult for me. Well... it felt like that way anyhow. All those uncontrollable elements plus a challenging new course; it sure did make me feel like a novice golfer all over again. My Canadian pal seems to like it here but then again, he'll take any course because it's not sunny every day for him so he'll play whatever he can get. For me, let me recall all my loveable memories first and I'll give you an answer later.

In terms of this review: date played was mid July 2014

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Nice course for money

Enjoyed it every time I have played there.

Every time I have played there the course has been ìn good condition.

Does get bugs every now and then

Purchase the red hat deal and you get 50% off your green fees. Works out to be a pretty good deal.

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This is quite fancy and FAR resort and country club. We came here to attend my cousin's wedding. We occupied the 3rd floor of the clubhouse. The food was buffet style and fancy - quite delicious too. The golf course and mountain skyline can be seen from the balcony decks and great to take pictures and "selfies". Parking is a bit of a walk if you're not a member. Members get close parking spots while non-members have to part further away. The late evening of the reception, we were notified of bears roaming the premises. That's quite scary, hahaha! Be careful and walk in groups.

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My husband and I got married here in November 2013. Overall we were absolutely floored with the beauty of the entire clubhouse and grounds. We were also mostly happy with the service we received not only on our wedding night but from the time we initially inquired about the location right up to the wedding.

Deanne, our day of coordinator, was outstanding. She was so helpful and listened to our wishes very attentively. She executed our dream wedding beautifully.

Food and drinks were outstanding and all our guests raved on and on about both.

Our only two reasons for not giving this location 5 stars was that we were disappointed that Swaneset changed their food and alcohol menus and increased their prices quite significantly half way through from the time we booked to our wedding date. While they agreed to honour food pricing we booked on they did not honour the alcohol pricing. While we understand that based on the contract that we signed, Swaneset is completely allowed to do so, we found a bit disheartening they would do this. Of course prices go up but you really should raise them from an ongoing booking perspective and not with couples that booked with you months beforehand, especially since they've budgeted on agreed amount prices.

The only other complaint is based on Swaneset's layout. We were told if you have less than 160 guests everyone will be able to see the head table. We had about 150 guests and the two outside tables could not see us at all. We felt very upset by this as we did not know this until the wedding day and it was too late to do anything.  I know I was disappointed and would have hated to be a guest in that situation.

Overall our wedding day was amazing and I am glad we chose Swaneset.

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