Sunset Hills Country Club

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The recently renovated clubhouse is beautiful. Great food upstairs in a fancy new lounge, and there is casual dining downstairs in the grill.  Something for everyone.

The golf course is the nicest on the Illinois side of the river.

My kids are on the swim team all Summer. What fun.

I think the ballroom is the nicest place in town.  Wedding receptions and charity balls are the best here.

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Always a guest, never a member, which is okay because it also means no initiation fee, no dues, and no billing statements. My review does not apply to the golf or swim experience, but rather to the spacious clubhouse where I have been a frequent guest of members at receptions, fundraisers, and luncheons. The buffet banquets always have been very good, most often with two meats, well seasoned and not-too-mushy vegetables, and a variety of salads. When entrees have been served at the table, I've been impressed not only by the presentation, but the consistency. When ten plates of filet mignon arrive at your table, and each is perfect, it's an impressive accomplishment. I've also ordered off the menu at the Sunset Grill downstairs, and always enjoyed the sandwiches and salads. Of course, I wasn't paying. But I don't think that fact is influencing me too much. Take a steak plate, for example. SHCC usually doesn't seem quite as magnificent as Andria's or Erato. But it's definitely a step up from 54th St. Grill. SSCC is an all-around classy venue for a wedding reception or the like.

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