Sunset Country Club

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I'm reviewing the food only! My company took us here for administrative professionals day- for a lovely lunch!

We sat out on the patio and had wonderfully attentive service. Every single item of food I saw looked amazing... Many people got the chicken sandwich with avacado on it, and loved it. I got the waldorf salad with no bacon. It had lettuce, candied walnuts, turkey, grapes, goat cheese, and a maple vinagrette. A-MA-ZING. SO freaking good.

I also had the reisling wine. Thank you for giving it to me in a normal sized glass! I'm sorry, but past years when they've taken us to Schlafly Bottleworks for Admin Day we get these skimpy tiny wine glasses! I'm thinking, hello- I would've ordered a double if I'd have known it was so small... ANYWAY...

I also had the coffee - and it was great. I mean, maybe I was comparing it to the crappy Ronocco blend we have at work- but I was super pleased.

And a plate of cookies. Mexican Wedding cookie, Chocolate Chip, Gooey Butter, and Macaroon. All were good. The Macaroon was incredible....

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