Sunnyside Par 3 Golf Course

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For what looks like something made tucked into your back yard it not bad for what you pay for. 12 bucks to play 18 holes during the week and six dollars to play night golf is ridiculously cheap and it's not as rundown as you think it would be for that price.

Its surrounded by a lot of bogs and ponds and no fairways speak of with some pretty sandy thick rough which makes it hard to get a good 2nd shot if you miss the green from the tee box (which are a little beat up as expected). Greens needed to be trimmed a little more making hard to sink any moderate to long puts. A couple hard  bunkers located around the greens and the sixth hole having a hill crest, pond, a few large trees and a bunker making it a hard shot. Most holes are just around 100 yards with the shortest hole is 50 yards with the longest just over 160 yards (Apperently, but you can tell the starting point has creeped up over the years due to the tee box being chipped up a bit). You dont really need anything more than a wedge most holes.

Still for 66 cents a hole during the day it's worth every penny and makes for an enjoyable afternoon when your having an itch to go play a round on vacation. Cool looking bar too. The cheap price and not too horrible grounds make this barely scrape 4 stars but that is made up for purely in value which is 5 stars. Every other review is right you get what you pay for still I would return.

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The golf course is good for what it is.  Non-private par 3.  Small, but decently maintained.  Great for teaching kids, or golfing with friends.  Price is right for what it is.

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If you happen to be near Lake George and you're looking to wet your whistle, I recommend stopping by the Par 3.

Here's why:

1. It has an abnormally large selection of beers (especially given the backwoods locale). For example, I once found a South African beer (Mamba Malt Liquor, I believe) there. At the same time, you benefit from the lack of price inflation that comes with remote locations.

2. The staff has always been friendly and helpful in my experience.

3. You can get in a cheap round of golf (though you get what you pay for on this front).

4. The popcorn is free and flowing.

5. The assortment of bar games includes pool, darts, and foosball.

6. If you're a regular, they just might let you weigh in on the music selection.

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