Sunnyside Country Club

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Husband and I drove down to Fresno this weekend and had a really wonderful time at our hotel suite, an antique faire, with friends, and finally, at a wedding he was a groomsmen in that took place at the Sunnyside Country Club.

I don't know why but when I hear country club I think of more than a gym, swimming pool, and tennis courts. Those three things should be classified as tennis club; or something. But there we were, on a beautifully green, large lawn, surrounded by a gym, tennis courts, and a pool. The yard here is really beautiful. Lots of beautiful trees!

It was a nice place for hold the ceremony and reception. Their wedding had less than 100 people and tables were nicely arranged on the lawn. Are you a lady that wears high heels to outdoor weddings? If so, invest in these beauties:

There were two restrooms outside and the facility provided access to inside the gym where large restrooms (locker rooms) were situated. The bride readied herself in here and they had mouthwash and lotion on the walls. Very nice.

I especially loved my wedding at the Oakland Zoo. But this was a beautiful venue and we had a great time. Best wishes for wonderful friends!  xoxo

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