Sunken Gardens Golf Course

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The 411:  Par 29 Course with two Par 4 holes, the rest Par 3 holes.

The most up-kept course Ive seen this summer during the drought.  The grass is green in most places and in some spots there is a bit of mud but thats mostly near the cart path.  

Went on a Sunday at 930 and it was a pretty good round.  There was a few groups in front that took a little while to get going but that wasnt an issue for our 4 some.

Pros:  Non Resident: $21
           Replay- FREE (As of July 1st)  You can even leave and come back later in the from dawn to dusk so if you get out early, then go for lunch, come back and play again.  I heard that a kid played 9 rounds in a row the day before! (must have a great back to do that! Id be crying)
            Decent Course, not too difficult.

Cons: The afternoon guy at the pro shop was a little bit rough around the edges... his "no nonsense" attitude could be curtailed but hey, cant please all the people all the time!
           Our afternoon replay was certainly a bit crowded (it was just my GF and I) and there was no one on the course behind us till we reached the 3rd hole, then a single popped up right behind us and there was a two-some in front of us.  An elderly couple who asked if we would like to play through, I said No no take your time but they were rushing so we wouldnt have to wait! (how sweet).  The 3 groups in front of them took WAY too long to tee off and get going.  But what can you expect, its a sunday.

Will go back, probably the best deal at $21 a person then $2.50 for a pull cart and Free Replays all day? DOWN!

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This is a short 9 hole that is in relatively good shape and is not that expensive.  Most greens and fairways are in better shape than Deep Cliff in Cupertino.  

My review was spurred by the grumpy service we received at check in this past Sunday.  I reserved a spot online, but it wasn't needed as they were completely open all afternoon per the online system and the fact nobody was there when I arrived.

I went to check in and the be-spectacled guy behind the counter told me to wait until everyone showed up.  One of our party was late so we check in about 30  min after my reservation.  However, right before our 4th showed up, the guy game out and yelled at our party about "we got people waiting to golf, is your guy here?!". Funny thing was, there was nobody standing around yet, i guess the invisible man's party was ready to go.  Then when we did check in, I gave him my name, and gave him money for the resident rate. He then got annoyed and claimed he asked me if I was resident (I had previously showed him my ID) and made some comments about "it's not that hard guys" and proceeded to get real sarcastic with the other party members if they were residents or not.

All this drama, and we still had to wait on the party in front of us as they were very slow.

Minus stars for poor customer service. Keep your tools in the shed, not behind the counter checking in golfers.

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First time we came was an excellent experience, since we were beginners and did not own our own golf clubs, the man helping was was extremely helpful and lent us some womens golf clubs which we returned as soon as we were done. This time, however, the man behind the counter named Bud Carr had the worst attitude and refused to lend any clubs to us. Golf range itself is nice but service was 0 star.

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Perfect course for a casual round of golf. No need in most cases to plan tee times more than a day in advance and most times can get a tee time within a few hours. The course conditions are what you would expect for a standard 9 hole course...some rough patches on a few greens, etc..but if you're looking to be serious about your round of golf you're probably not playing here anyways. $21 on weekends and $5 to replay the course. You could probably pay 10-15 more dollars and find a decent 18 hole course but if you're looking for an easy round of stress free golf without any rushing this is the place to go

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I honestly don't care if this place isn't high-end or top-notch. All I care about is the range and if theres a course..thats it. This place is convenient and right across from my house so its a plus that this is here. It's pretty simple. You walk into this room where you insert cash, then you get the balls, then you pick up a golf stick and BOOM! You're ready to hit. This place is excellent because theres not a sense of competition or a hostile environment. You're free and welcome to practice and play the way you want to play. I will start to come more often!

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