Sunflower Hills Golf Course

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I have been playing here for years ... actually started here at junior golf.  This is a very long and challenging golf course, not the best for a beginner.  

I generally walk 18 holes, but the back 9 will wear you out for sure.  Prices are great in the afternoons (15 dollars).  

I would advise this course for a golfer looking for a challenging course.

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This course is looooooooong and hilly.  It is one of the few courses in the area that actually reaches 7000 yards or more.  In their case though, it plays 7001 and is a par 72.  It was remodeled in 2003 and now has Zoysia fairways which is AWESOME!  Anytime you can play on Zoysia you have a better lie.  You just have to be able to play the fairway ;)

The greens range from small to large and the only downside is that late in the summer the greens start to get a little disease and discoloration.  Most people repair their divots so you can play a good line to the hole.  I would not recommend walking this course on a hot day.  7001 yards is no joke on this course.  There are a lot of hills and you will be exhausted by the 12th hole.  Other than that, it is a great place to play.

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