Suncrest Country Club

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Played here on a Friday morning....

- got on right away with no tee time
- course was maintained beautifully
- friendly pro shop staff
- quiet neighborhood - residents at their houses were very friendly

- pro shop (calling it a shop is a huge stretch) is merely a little desk - that's it
- the bar wasn't open when we got done
- the greens need to be cut way shorter (putting was soooo slow)
- $35 for 18 is a bit steep for this course

If they trim their greens, get a decent bar (more hours, tv, food choices) and advertise a little more, I'm sure this would be a more popular place than it is. Would I play again? Yes, but I'll be bringing my own alcohol and food! :)

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Here's the deal with Suncrest: as far as golf courses in the valley go, this is by FAR the cheapest ($25 for 9 holes), but it's only a 9 hole course. It's well-maintained, short and easy.

Why two stars?

The man at the pro shop was overly cranky (and I'm used to most of the "I'm retired and why are you asking me something because that requires me to do something" attitude around here.

Also, I'm docking a star for the inept groundskeeper who managed to run over our ball with...wait for it...only us on the course. Not one other group around, and he was so out of it that he managed to mess up our hole.

This is a decent place to go to save some money and mess around, but not for any type of legit golf experience.

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