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So its 1 o' clock in the afternoon on a Sunday and my kid asks if I want to go play golf. The first thought I have is, I have to have him home to his mom by 5pm, is there going to be enough time? Second thought was.... Ugh... I don't want to play golf... I don't care for golf mainly because Im not good at golf. My kid on the other hand is pretty good and loves the game.

After a few moments of deliberation, I decided I would do this one good deed of parentry for him. I hopped on the internet to see where we would go. I came up with Summertree Golf Club in Hudson. It's a small 9-hole course which sounded perfect for the time frame we were dealing with, and that's also right on point for my attention span.

I checked the one, and only, Yelp review before leaving my house and it was slightly concerning, but not concerning enough to make me change my mind. We loaded up our clubs and a golfing we would go.

The course seemed to be in good condition contrary to the review I read. It was a bit dry, but there's been very little rain so it's not unusual. I expected to be playing in sand dunes. It was nothing like that at all. There was plenty of green and the course played fine.

They also have a small pond where there were birds hanging out and wandering around the course in areas. I thought that was cool. Wildlife interests me more than golf to be honest.

It turned out to be a fun afternoon despite my original apprehension to playing. This will most likely become a regular course we play. It's a great value too. It was $24 for the two of us including the cart rental. Not bad at all.

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"Put the ball on some grass."  I can't find any grass!!  I either have to be on the T-box or put it on the green!  Never saw so much dirt flattened in one place at one time.... $10 for 9 holes and just landed from a frozen Detroit so it was great to be in the sun no matter the course.

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