Sugarwood Golf Club

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Probably one of the better public courses in the Tri-state area. The clubhouse has all the supplies you need.

There is a distinct difference between the front and back 9. One side was the orginal 9 hole course and built like and older course. The holes are pretty straight, not many hazards. The greens are like postage stamps. This 9 has a few shorter par 4s that can tempt you to swing away and try and get there. I'd advise against it, the greens are small and angled so steep towards the fairway that if you come in from any odd angles the greens get tougher.

The next 9 is newer and laid out and designed with a little more skill and hazards involved.

If you have to make a choice on public courses in the Tri-State. I'd suggest Sugarwood.

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