Sugar Creek Golf Course

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This is a good golf course with fast greens and plenty of challenges. The length and challenge of the course provide a challenge and good experience for all gofers.
      However the fees are not worth the experience. $5 is overpriced for a small bucket on a short range that does not have grass but mats instead. Also the course does not allow chipping around the practice green, wanting you to buy more of their overpriced balls. Although a good course it is not worth it's $20 greens fee.

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Its a short 9 hole track.  Play is very slow, however this is expected.

VERY family friendly, which is great.  Course was in good shape, considering the amount of play the course gets.

Do not go in expecting much and just enjoy playing golf with friends/family and you will have a great time.

Driving range is decent.

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This place is magnificent and friendly. When coming here you are not quite shooting for the PGA record but it is family friendly and well kept. I appreciated the fact that I could take my 8 y/o daughter out for the 1st time and there wasn't some crabby old scrag following us every step of the way grumbling about our slow game like most little 9 hole gc's. I've also played here with friends that are a bit more talented on the links than an 8 y/o young lady. The round is of value, the hot dogs are good, and there is a descent beer selection. Definitely a place I recommend!

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