Sugar Creek Country Club

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5 stars for customer service!

I needed a last minute change of venue for my daughter's first birthday party so I contacted Lisa about the banquet hall at Sugar Creek Country Club.
Lisa was extremely helpful. She helped me through the menu , seating arrangements, and all the details, even though it was her day off.
As there were only 4 days left to the party, I really appreciated her immediate responses and willingness to help!  
Although the timing didn't work out for me, and I could not have my daughter's birthday here, I will definitely consider it next time.

Thank you so much!

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Great place to meet new and old friends!  Golf and tennis have great amenities and easy access. Beautiful pool, tasty food and happy hour specials. Something for everyone! Upstairs has been completely redone.  The driving range is in the process of being redesigned.  Join now!

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So I became a member again...

I have to say I didnt think that was going to happen again, but after they offered me a very nice offer to come back, I had to say yes. :)

This club has changed a lot!  The course is in fantastic condition, the 9-hole course once lacked in the green area and now all the holes are in good shape and run at the same speed :)

I love how the driving range has balls all set up for you, so you dont have to go and ask for them or put coins in a machine to get them.  One thing that is nice, is that there is a restroom on hole 5 of the 9-hole course.  It is like a half-way half-way house. :)

I am thrilled at how this course has grown through the years and I am looking forward to being apart of it in the following ones :)

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