Strawberry Valley Golf Course

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It's a golf course...I guess. Skip if you're looking for any challenge or even a full length 9 hole course. The only real redeeming quality of the course is the price. For less than an average bucket at the range you can play 9 walking. Course is ugly and unkept. Beautiful utility poles dot the landscape. Every employee I ran into seemed like it was a hassle that you were there, except for the course pro. Last time I was there I got grilled from the starter after he watched me go inside the "pro shop" and pay, he still demanded I show receipt of payment.  

Overall the cost you pay to play this "course" isn't worth it. You're better off going to the driving range.

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The course is pretty much just what you would expect for the price and location. Big wide fairways make it easy for anyone but lots of elevation change to deal with. For the money, you can't really go wrong.

What did go wrong about this place is the starter. He was actually very rude to my group, who were there to play in the morning before a wedding. He stopped us several times on the course to tell us how wrong we were and even threatened to take the keys to our carts. Completely uncalled for and unprofessional.

In the end, the course was fine but I will never go back because of the starter. Your better off playing somewhere else if you want to really enjoy your time.

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Strawberry Valley is a good golf course to learn the game on.  You will defintlity find a cast of characters on this golf course to say the least.  The Greens are usually in decent shape and the fairways usually are to.  Overall This is a course to go out for a quick nine or eighteen holes.  Beware of the power lines that over hang some of the holes on this course.  Overall, play strawberry valley if you are new to the game of golf.  If you are expecting Augusta National then you will be disapointed

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Totally agree with Nate on this place being for rookies!  I came here with a friend who got me back into golf after not playing for maybe 7 years.  The course is pretty forgiving and a cheap rate helps too!  The relaxed dress code is nice, I don't really have much attire suitable for golf so I just came in a band shirt and shorts and didn't get any looks.

Only thing I didn't like was how an older guy that worked there shadowed us for a couple holes midway through and eventually told me that if I wanted to come back I'd need my own set of clubs, as I was sharing my friends.  I understand where the guy is coming from, but we were moving along at a good pace and actually finished pretty quickly.  Either way, it's a non-issue now as I recently bought a new set.

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Golf much? No? Then this is the perfect place for you. It's great for "rookies" (aka hackers like me) with fairly wide open fairways, and short ranges. It's $27 for nine holes and golf cart. Dress code is also relaxed here, just leave the wifebeaters and tank tops at home, but other than that your all set.

There is a $5 refundable deposit for the key to the cart just in case you decide to take a joy ride.

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