Stow Away Golf Club

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I'm new at golf and my friends and I were looking for a no-pressure course we could go on the weekends and practice our game..  
This place is perfect - It's cheap and fun..

Keep in mind this is a pasture course.. If you're looking for somewhere nice then this definitely isn't the place.. Some of the tee's are back in the woods with a narrow tree lined tunnel that opens to the fairway.
The fairways are generally quite narrow and all the dips, divots, and holes in the grass make for a decent challenge.
For $12 on the weekends you can't beat it.  

Everyone who plays here is just out for a fun round so you never feel rushed if someone's waiting behind you..

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If you've never golfed before and want to learn without pressure, go here.

If you've played nice courses, don't come here expecting anything.

It's pasture golf, but there's never any pressure. It's rustic for sure, but the people that run it couldn't be nicer.

Added bonus, hour lessons for only 50 bucks and two people can book together and split the 50 between them. Ask for Marsha, she's awesome.

Go here if you want to golf without any of the BS or people who can ruin your round, only 10 bucks for 9 holes, but again, very rustic and off the beaten path.

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