Stony Ford Golf Course

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Beautiful, fun course that would be a joy to play regardless of price. BUT.. the prices are incredibly low. Back tees work well for skilled golfer. Not overly difficult at all, but a fair test with enough length to necessitate driver on most holes. And many of the shorter, dog leg par 4s that don't require driver, give the brave big hitter a chance to cut the corners. I played after 48 hrs of rain, and greens were in good shape but they'll always be on the slow side because it costs a lot to make the greens fast without risking burning them out (at least in NY).

It's a county course in the middle of an enormous, gorgeous park.  So considering the course is technically a government-owned facility, the following is (pleasantly) shocking:

The staff were all perfect gentleman who went so far above and beyond. As I was making the turn, I asked about playing a another 9 holes after I finished 18, and said I'd be happy to pay. A few minutes later, a gentleman came out on the course and said the pro shop would be closed, but as long as I return the cart by 8pm, I could walk as many holes as I wanted until it got dark... No charge.  That's just one example of the quality, helpful service that wouldn't be lacking even if this were a private, $35,000 a year country club. But it's not... It's $25.

And the views are JUST. SO. PRETTY.  It's just a great place to play golf and soak in the summer.

This is not just the best $25 you can spend on a round of golf; this is the best $25 you can spend on ANYTHING in life.

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This is a public course?

Lush fairways and immaculate greens, I was blown away by this place.  And only $20 green fees if you walk it.  Very impressive.

The course is a bit hilly, but completely walkable.  Numerous dog legs and some non-lethal par-5s make this a manageable outing for novices like me.

The clubhouse is under construction, so there are not a lot of amenities at the moment, but if you're a die hard and need a round of pure golf, then this is your place.

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