Stoney Creek Golf Course

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First, the course...Fantastic.  Manicured greens and fairways, sodded spots around the greens everywhere you looked.  This course is as nice as any course I have ever played.  That being said, I will never set foot on this track again in my life, period.  The attendant in the pro shop was rude and abusive.  My buddy had a problem with his credit card and the guy was like "it didn't work, bud!"  loud enough for everyone to hear.

We didn't get scorecards in the pro shop because all these fancy courses have cards on the first tee, but this one didn't.  My buddy went back to to Pro Shop to get cards, and they gave him some that had no info  on them whatsoever.  Not the first pic of a hole, not the first mention of water or hazards.  

If the members enjoy this course so much that they don't want anyone else to play, that's fine,  Make it private, and lose the $50 per person that you get when us rubes decide to play here.  I had a couple thousand dollars in my pocket when we started and I am so glad that this poor excuse for a golf course only got my green fee.  

I'll never darken their door again, neither will my buddies.

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