Stonegate Country Club

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It's pretty humble for a "country club" but does offer a lot of recreational opportunities including: swimming, fishing, boating, tennis, gym, basketball court, soccerfield/dog park, bocce ball.

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Being in the area, I thought of checking out the facilities, specially the lake. The only entrance seemed to be through the club house. The man at the reception told me with a smile, that these facilities are for residents only. I thanked him and left. The 3 stars mean I can't say it is good or bad, I just didn't get the chance.

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Cool little club.  They have some machines, free weights, 6 (?) gorgeous tennis courts, two pools, a grassy area, a little beach area where you can go and play with your sand toys - pretty swank deal.  They even have a kind of reception area that you can rent out for events, etc.  A pool table, two ping pong tables.... basically a great kids getaway when summer starts.

Despite all this, there is a real downer: the asshat named Steve who has worked here since the dawn of creation.  I looked up "asshat" in the dictionary and the definition said "why you looking here, you already met the man!!!"  This dude is seriously the country club version of the soup nazi - he thinks he owns the joint when he is really nothing other than a glorified janitor.  I mean, c'mon breh, our visitors can't warm up on the courts for five minutes before we get there even though we have been playing these court for 15 years???  You know us all by name!!!  Little man... smh

Oh well, at least he doesn't work every day.

Ya feel me?

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whenever i have free time, i love taking my dogs here to get some fresh air. it's within walking distance from my house so I'm squeezing in some exercise time for myself as well! it's also a great place for them to interact with other dogs too.

there's also a tennis court and a lake that you can paddle out to and fish! with so many wonderful activities for everyone to enjoy at only $10 a month, I'll be coming back all summer!

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I owe a large debt to Stonegate.  Without their facilities, I probably would have gone mad during College.  When the oppressive summer heat was looking to rob me of my life and productivity, Stonegate was always a short walk away.  I pumped out a number of papers in the comfortable confines of their A/C-endowed multipurpose rooms; papers that would have otherwise not have been written.  Refreshing swims and relaxing poolside sunbathing sessions were the only things keeping my fragile mind from burning out during the valley's usual 110+ weather.

That alone merits a solid five stars.  Add to the mix the open late facilities like the lighted tennis courts, the weight room, the treadmill/bicycle room, the rec-room/study lounge, the basketball court, the soccer field/community dog park, the basketball court, the quaint urban-lake with available paddle boats, and the BBQ/picnic area and Stonegate becomes a must for any West Davis resident.  It's great for families, for pets, for students of all ages, and in general anyone who wants to live a more active life.

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