Stonebridge Country Club

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Attended out companies annual party. This club is very clean and elegant. Everything about this place was good. Service was good, food was good, everything good and what you would expect from a club of this caliber.

No complaints but 4 stars because good isn't five stars. Great and amazing is five stars. But would definitely return here or other events.

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Great golf course!  Its in excellent condition, and on a Friday afternoon the pace of play was 4 hours (perfect - actually my preference is under 3, but a 1 pm tee time and 4 hours are great).

Love the range, plenty of targets, good turf to hit from...also short game area and large putting green.

Facilities are nice and well maintained.

Hector (in mens locker room) is awesome with the shoes, and the service/beers in the men's grill is excellent.  I had the pulled pork sliders for lunch and they were OUTSTANDING.

Love the course, service, and people.

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We came to Stonebridge last weekend for a Black Tie recognition dinner for the office.  The first thing I noticed was that it's tucked away pretty good.  The cab driver who took us had no idea where he was going.

Next, it's pretty nice and updated on the inside - solid "country club" feel, but pretty small.

Service was impeccable, as a country club would be.  Drinks were poured heavily, which I was appreciative of.

The food was delicious, and was served hot, which is sometimes a feat for banquet meals.  We were served a chicken roulade stuffed with wild rice topped with a dijon mustard sauce, a filet (medium rare) topped with breadcrumbs (which I pushed to the side - the were pretty flavorless) green beans, and roasted red potatoes (which went awesome in the dijon sauce).

There was table-side wine service, which I passed on, because I can't drink domestic wines.

This would be a great location for an intimate (100 or less) wedding reception.

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I'm not a huge golfer, but I really enjoyed this course. It was scenic, well kept, and extremely challenging.  I was here for an outing and I can't tell you how happy I am that it was a scramble.  It didn't stop me from losing 10+ balls.  

Even with the lost balls I had a great time!  I would highly recommend this course.

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OK, this place is designed for the lover of golf. The course is pretty challenging- and the rough- well, it is rough- for SURE! It is beautiful to look at and difficult to play. Yeah, I took golf lessons for years and still am horrible. But, I still enjoy a round or two.

The pool is nothing too special. In fact, I usually avoid it. It could be bigger, it could be quieter, and well, enough said.

The clubhouse itself is pretty neat. As a member, dinning here is easy. Meals are well prepared, service is pretty casual but spot on.

Back in the day, Stonebridge used to host the Ameritech Open, now that was a party! Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were known to make appearances, as well as some prime golf stars. This tournament has moved on, but does speak to the quality that can be found here.

Most members live here and it is a pretty quiet community. It has expanded exponentially in the past 10 years, but still boasts some pretty Fancy homes.

*Interesting factoid* When Stonebridge was first established, the advertising claimed it was in Naperville. Snob factor appeal- after all, Naperville is SO much classier than Aurora (sarcasm intended). This was before Eola, Diehl, and North Aurora roads were rerouted. The city of Aurora, who supplied their water, got pretty ticked and suggested that they locate another water supply. Ahhh, vanity!

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