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Who doesn't love a little golf! While my golf game is somewhere in between terrible and mediocore, Stone Meadow Golf is a great place to practice. They are mostly a driving range with a small  chip and putt course. You can get a bucket of 120 balls for under $15. A fews years ago I even took a couple lessons here and was happy with the results.

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Good god, it was good. I was on fire: lit up two giant buckets without stopping the barr age of laser like straight balls firing from my stand.

Driver and five iron blew my brains out, if I don't say so myself. I annoyed the guy next to me with my otherworldly accuracy. What a blast. Go and un-rage yourself on nine dollar buckets. F-ck yes.

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Needed a refresher course on my mechanics and advice on improving my swing.  George Liss is a really cool guy and great instructor.  I scheduled for an hour long lesson at 8AM on a Thursday right before work.  I really liked the way he broke down the swing into parts and explained how my arms should be forming a letter.  They have a separate area for golf lessons with a canopy so rain shouldn't be an issue.  Make sure you bring a change of clothing if you are going to work afterward.  You'll be breaking a sweat with all the swings he has you do.

Another note: Make sure to bring cash.  They do not take credit cards.

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I have been twice now.  Both times just to play the chip an put.  It is a cheap, fun time and a great way to fine tune the short game.  The tee boxes are artificial turf but the greens are legit and they are always rolling decent.  I like to go with putter, lob, sand, gap, pitch, and 9 iron.  I force myself to use different clubs in all types of situations always trying to get up and down.  A couple of the holes are only 30-40 yards but they also have a couple around 100.  The driving range looks awesome and I noticed they have some nice covered bays for instruction.  I met one of the PGA Professionals, Joe McKinney and he was supper nice and seemed like a very knowledgeable teacher.  The golf shop is a little out dated and the main counter guy that checks you in when you pay is not the friendliest but overall the facility is solid.

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Get ready for a nothing exciting review of what's likely the best hour one can spend when the weather's nice.

For $6, you can slice the hell out of 50 balls from one of 75 mats or grass stations arced around a wide natural range. Bring your own clubs - the loaners are pretty old school. Solid wood woods. For real. Check out Blair H as he thugs out a bucket:…

For $12, you can play the pitch-and-putt course. Leave the bag in the car and walk the fast nine with two balls, your wedge and putter in tow. The "fairways" range from 50 to 90 yards, meaning if you need anymore than that trinity, you may want to consider another way to kill time. Like crying in a corner.

It's not a challenging set by any stretch, but it's perfect for a quick round with a friend or two, replete with no less than three "closest to pin" beer betting holes.

Go once, find yourself charmed by the friendly staff and the tininess of it all, then pick up a ten pack on the way out. The time commitment is minimal, you can hit up Wilson Farm when you're done and it'll save you $45 in the long run.

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