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I have spent quite a bit of time at this driving range this summer because my middle son took up golf and wants to be on his High School team.  While he has dabbled in the past with golf, I really wanted him to have classes or lessons to learn it correctly right off the bat. We called up and they recommended Andy F. and we were off and runnning. Andy was great! He talked TO my son not down to him and explained the game to him in a way he could process it visually and physically. We will defintely be back next summer for more lessons.
The driving range itself is well maintained. It does get busy on the weekends but we usually go pretty early and have managed to avoid waiting. Monday (that is not a holiday) thru Thursday, they open one of the ranges in the mornings so you can use the green to practice. For $12, you can play a half course and the putting green is free to practice. Otherwise, you will pay $5 to just use the putting green. My only gripe is when some guys  bring the really little kids (not the kids that are outfitted with a club) and are not paying full attention to them.

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This range is great!  Lots of practice stalls & there was no wait!  I needed to get a club re-gripped- they were able to turn it around fast for a great price!  Customer service is fantastic- thank you to Scott & Steve for going above & beyond in getting my club completed fast!

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I went last night - the place was packed.  I was with my two boys and there wasn't a single place for us and maybe thirty or more people waiting.  I went back to get a refund and he wouldn't give me one.  If he told me there was a long wait, I wouldn''t have purchased a bucket.  I don't know why they won't give cash back?  Five minutes had elapsed...  

The grass tees were a mess (huge divots), so people starting moving backwards to get fresh grass.  I believe this created an unsafe environment, especially with two boys.  

They just take cash, which always seems like a ploy to use their generic ATM (and pay the associated fee).  

There are not a lot of options in the area.  The place is OK and the Par 3 course is good for beginners or those that want to work on their short game.  

I will go back because there really aren't other options.

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Good place for beginners especially. Fairly large driving range (split into 2 parts). There's also a nice 3-par 9 hole course. Plenty of parking and lots of fun to hit balls around on a sunny day.

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no service, rude, we are ladies and gentlemen treating ladies and gentlemen?  yea right this dude  at the counter was completely annoyed by our question.  Pathetic obnoxious  just looked down us... first he asks us something random about trying to sell us a package deal which we didn't even ask for but anyway  we bought 4 tickets for 9 hole course and then we asked him which way is the course.  Then he stares and tells us right there man just go out and take a right turn then go down like I was supposed to know that.  Keep it up and you will guys will never succeed.

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