Stone Manor Country Club

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Went here for my wedding night and we loved it.  The rooms are really nice and fairly large (at least ours was).  The property is also amazing - I love the solid stone look of the house out in the country.  Our breakfast in the morning was very good and freshly made.  As we were leaving, we chatted with the owners on the back patio of the house as they sat and enjoyed the outdoors.  They invited us to sit with them too - so relaxing and well cared for.  I'm sure the weddings held there are amazing.

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The owner Brian is the best!  I have been working with him since he opened.  He has many beautiful options including rolling fields with hay bales, a mature vineyard with lovely vines, and a beautiful stone mansion to make your wedding photos as elegant as any posh DC hotel.  What I love about Stone Manor the most is they don't charge you a bunch of extra fees for all the little amenities.

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I got married at Stone Manor 2 weeks ago. First, let me say, the venue is beautiful. My ceremony was outside under a pergola and reception inside the standing tent on the property which was beautiful and held our 240 guests. Our guests are still staying how beautiful the venue was and thankfully it didn't rain, so everything was outside just like I wanted. I absolutely LOVED the look of my wedding!!!

My gripe with this venue is the service, flexibility and the rules! While it is great to be able to bring your own alcohol, there are a lot of hidden fees and rules. Basically, there are extra costs for using your own caterer, having over $50 guests, using their heaters in the tent, adding an extra hour, not getting out one hour after the end of the while the venue seems like a good price, this is only if you don't do any of these things. And they are strict about it.

Also, while Brian was helpful in answering questions, it seems he was annoyed any time I asked him anything. And when the answer to something was "no you cannot do that", he said it in a pretty hostile way. I did a lot of things my own way (used a different caterer then they recommend, brought in wooden tables for the reception) and Brian did not seem pleased with much of it.

Even though there was no event the day before our wedding, they wouldn't let any vendors drop off anything that day. They require TWO insurance forms from each vendor, so some of my vendors ended up charging ME for this - to get the extra one. It's ridiculous!!! This is not something I was made aware of in advance.

On my wedding day, the tent was full of round tables that we were not using and I (the bride!) had to run around to ask Brian to remove them. My sister said she asked him first but he wouldn't move them. This is NOT something the bride should worry about on her wedding day. It should have been taken care of! Also, the pergola was covered in mud and my dad had to run around to find Brian to ask him to clean it. Again, NOT something we worry about! And my sister asked Brian for a trash bag and he wouldn't give her one! This made me the most angry.  

Again, the venue was beautiful but I expected much more from the managers. I was very disappointed with them on the wedding day. :(

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Beautiful and spacious bed and breakfast set on 140+  scenic acres.  The main house was built  in the 1700's with 2 additions added in the 1800's and 1970.  All the amenities have been updated, including gas fireplaces - a nice treat on a cold night.  The inn keepers are absolutely delightful and the homecooked breakfast hit the spot, so tasty!  Great spot for a quick getaway from the city!

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One word describes this Bed & Breakfast: Perfect.  Nestled in the rustic Frederick County countryside, amid rolling fields and sleepy farmland, this beautiful manor house offers quiet tranquility, comfort and luxury.  My wife took me here for a birthday weekend, and we absolutely loved it.  We stayed in the Gardenia room, which is the newlywed suite, and loved the fireplace, hot tub and elegant furniture.  We saw no reason to venture into town for dinner and just made a picnic by the fireplace with supplies purchased in Frederick.  The best part of this B&B are the proprietors: Vern & Astra.  They are super sweet and helpful and clearly love what they do (as well as each other).  This B&B is a hidden gem!

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