Stone Eagle Golf Club

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This is one of the most amazing and beautiful courses I've ever played. The course it built into the mountains as you head up route 74. From the clubhouse you have to drive about 8 minutes in your golf cart farther up into the mountain just to find the driving range. From there the course continues to go up. In fact, at one point you're on a par 3 overlooking a path that people take about 2 hours to hike. Kind of funny to think you get to golf at an elevation other people are hiking to.

Despite it's beauty, this course is also incredibly hard. It's like playing "target golf" at Stone Eagle. Every shot, even tee shots, require you to hit it to a specific point, not just a direction. The greens were incredibly tough and require you to read the grain on every putt as well as the break. Just remember one rule "Slow to the snow"; meaning when you're putting up towards the mountain it's going to be slower. This seems like common sense, but it even applies to a downhill put that towards the mountain. Just trust yourself, and your caddie.

Some of my other favorite highlights are the tacos at the Den at Ten, and the 19th hole. Literally this course has a 19th hole which is a par 3 next to the Aerie (the grill room for after your round). After having a great lunch and a few drinks, it was a ton of fun to all throw down a little cash and make the 19th hole a little more interesting.

The only problem with this course is figuring out a way to get on it!

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