Stockdale Country Club

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We were invited by a member for Saturday lunch.   Driving through the golf course was beautiful. The club house is okay...bakersfield country club is a lot better though. Since it was a Saturday, it was really busy. Our group of ten was seated in the back.   We ordered a variety of food from cobb salad, clam chowder, the oildale chicken burger, the oildale hamburger,  and shrimp tacos.  I personally had the oildale chicken burger.   It was okay.   A little over cooked, but edible.  My wife had the shrimp tacos.   She really liked them, but I thought that it was ok.  The overall experience was great.   The food...not so good!

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The BEST Clam Chowder in town!

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This review is for their Sunday brunch buffet. It's an above average buffet. They make some made to order high quality and delicious omelettes. Their hash browns, sausage, bacon and other breakfast fare is pretty good too. As far as the more lunchy time dishes they are average at best. It would satisfy the average Joe I'm sure but I'm a little more picky. I also figure since this is a very high dollar country club that the food should be a little more upscale. In a lot of dishes they used canned foods and it was pretty obvious. For instance in a fruit salad they obviously used canned peaches and in seafood dishes use imitation crab meat. For shrimp they have the small precooked, de-viened and shelled variety...not because they did it but because that's how it came in the bag.

If you stick to the breakfast items you will be okay. They always have a very good quiche dish and other breakfasty stuff. They also include bottomless champagne that makes everything a bit more enjoyable.

As far as the decor and state of the club I would give it 2.5 stars. It is more upscale but getting old and run down. There are places where the paint needs touched up and some crown molding and fixtures that just need replaced all together. In contrast they have some really nice areas like the bar, casual dining area and locker rooms. A lot of the formal areas decor is a little over done, especially around Christmas time.

I'll keep coming back here when invited but there is no chance I would ever fork out the dough to become a member here.

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