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New owners for about 1 year now. The course has improved immensely.  The condition this year was the best I have ever seen.  The fairways were green all summer and fall.  I played as a guest several times since I am not a member anymore; just at Ivy Hills.  They took out a lot of trees by the 4th green so that the green gets the proper airing.  They also just redid the drainage under the 17th green.  They are fixing the aged sprinkler system too.  

I would like to see money go into the driving range.  The restaurant is about the same but has a better chef now.  From talking to members they have more events now and reopened the swimming pool.  

Cart paths are getting fixed and they added distance markers on them.  This place is called Stillmeadow Country Club now (the original name from about 50 years ago).

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In December 2011, the club changed its name back to Stillmeadow Country Club.  Over the years, I've attended several social events there (when it was known as Royal Oak) and shot my first wedding at this venue in 2010.  I was very excited to return to Royal Oak as a photographer.

The staff has always been very friendly and professional - whether I was a guest or vendor.  They definitely take care of their guests!  About two weeks prior to the wedding, I met my couple at Royal Oak to do a site visit.  They gave us carts to drive around the entire course and plan for photos.  We found some awesome spots - especially the area with the cattails.  They did have a rule about dress attire but gave our groom a shirt to wear while we were on the course!

Some of my favorite things about this venue - the main staircase.  We got some amazing photos of the bride there.  I also like the main lobby area (when you first walk in) - it's small, but it's got nice light.  I love their square windows and big exterior light fixtures.  These are probably geeky things only a photographer would notice - but they make for some great spots for photos!  You don't have to look hard to find some really good photo spots here.

The wedding was held outdoors in back - by the pond.  We were able to shoot from the clubhouse balcony and ground, so we got a great variety of shots.  I love when I can get high to shoot (with a telephoto lens), and there's that opportunity here.  

The venue space is large, and everything was laid out well.  They had a big wedding, and everybody seemed to fit without being cramped.  The buffet tables were placed in the main lobby area, so it allowed for a lot of seating.  It made for a nice flow through the lobby, too.  Also, it's a plus when you're the only event at a venue - no worries about being drowned out by another DJ.

My only complaint is that the dance floor is in a separate room with doors/partitions.  The wedding party did this special dance, and it was hard to photograph.  It does separate the dance floor a little from the rest of the event, too - like, for the first dances.  But that's really a minor issue - when you compare it to all the pluses.  And maybe not even an issue for some.

In summary - I like this venue and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a nice venue for their wedding ceremony and/or reception.

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I've shot a couple of weddings here and can see why the bride/groom chose this place.  The view of the of the golf course is absolutely gorgeous, especially when they have outdoor wedding ceremonies.  The wedding coordinator is very kind and the staff is very helpful.  
The reception area has the perfect lighting and elegant.  
I highly recommend this place.

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I am not a member of this private country club but, as they are open to public, had some chances to play a golf with good price.

The courses in very good condition are very challenging to me but very enjoyed it.

The club house is very different with other public courses. I had a very authentic feeling. The Royal hamburger in restaurant was great~! I think they provides one of the best hamburgers in cincinnati area. If you like hamburger, you should try it~!

Only downside is that I couldn't find 18th(?) hole when I play there at the first time. It would be great to put some good sign for the first visitors.

Overall, I certainly recommend this course for golfers at any level.

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Not all that impressed for being a private club. I think they are watering way to much.

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