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Wow!  My wedding was perfect!  James and June were wonderful to work with.  The space was perfect for the 109 people we had attend and the food was spectacular.  Every little detail was executed perfectly.  I gave the hall all of the decorations 3 days before, and June set everything up beautifully.  Both James and June are very knowledgeable about everything and have such great, creative ideas about how to do things.  James was amazing the night of the wedding-- he attended to our every need and was always there when we needed him.  We are both so pleased with out everything panned out.  Thank you!

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Stewart Manor Country Club was the perfect location for our wedding! The instant my husband and I walked in to SMCC, we fell in love with its charm. We loved the extra large dance floor, the fireplaces, the exposed beams + lights in the reception room and that the bar area felt like an actual bar. The set up of the venue makes you feel like you are in a (very beautiful)  home.

But more important than the look of the venue or the food (which was delicious and plentiful), we loved James and June. They were so helpful and supportive - there to answer any questions, help with decisions and they were very accommodating of my crazy schedule (I was living out of state, and was only available to meet with them in person during the few weekends I was able to fly home).

June spent a whole afternoon helping my husband, mom and I pick out our menu, table linens and napkins. She even found napkins that exactly matched my bridesmaids hard to match rust gowns!

I created all of the decor for the wedding, and dropped it off with James a few days before, along with a three page long list trying to describe how I wanted it all to look. I have to say, when I walked into the reception room, it took my breath away. He understood exactly what I was seeing in my head, and made it happen. I couldn't have even imagined that it would turn out so perfectly. In addition to all of their help during the planning process, both James and June made sure our wedding day went perfectly. From bringing us a tray of hors d'oeuvres while taking pictures to helping me bustle my dress, they made sure we had everything we needed before we could even think of it ourselves!

I would definitely recommend including SMCC in your wedding venue search.

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I got married at Stewart Manor Country Club on January 3, 2014, and I had the perfect, intimate winter wedding that I had always wanted. (I say intimate because even though we had over 100 guests, the wedding still had a close, intimate feel.)  James and Trish were amazing with my husband and me through the whole process, from the day we walked in to consider the venue.

I couldn't be happier with my wedding.  It was still decorated for Christmas, saving me a ton on decorations, and it was lovely.  My husband and I got married in front of the fireplace in the main hall.  Thanks to the blizzard that hit the night before my wedding, everything was snow-covered and breathtakingly beautiful.  

Everybody had a good time.  There was plenty of space for dancing and socializing.  Additionally, the food was amazing.  We even had a hot chocolate bar and cinnamon buns for dessert, thanks to James and the staff at Stewart Manor.

James, the maitre d', was so attentive, and he made sure that everything the day of the wedding ran smoothly, which, as a recent bride, I could tell you is no small feat (wedding days are crazy, even when extremely well planned out as mine was!).  He even saved some cinnamon buns for my husband and me to take home after the wedding because he knew we didn't have the chance to get some with all the running-around that we were doing.

Would I recommend Stewart Manor as a wedding venue?  I guess it depends on what you want, but for my husband and me, it was perfect, and I would definitely have anybody stop by to consider them.  Nestled in a residential area, it didn't feel like we were on Long Island, yet Stewart Manor Country Club is easily accessible by train, and despite being in a quiet location, it's pretty close to Jericho Turnpike.  We had both the ceremony and the reception at Stewart Manor. The staff are super personable, attentive, and accommodating.  Everybody had a great time at our wedding.  I'm very happy that we went with Stewart Manor!

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I got married at Stewart Manor last weekend. This was the smartest decision we made regarding wedding planning.

James, the maitre de, is without a doubt the best host in the world. We literally had people ask for his information, so they could contact him for their own wedding.

The service was flawless. The venue was beautiful. The front lawn was perfectly maintained, the attention to detail was impeccable.

We have a lot of relatives and high maintenance family members, there was not one complaint the entire evening.

The food was amazing, the bar fully stocked, and the flexibility of the staff insanely accommodating.

When choosing a venue, we wanted a place that was all inclusive and could take care of all of the details. We looked at a lot of the standard wedding factories in Long Island, and the second we stepped into Stewart Manor, we knew it was for us. We literally just had to show up, and the rest was taken care of.  The environment is so comfortable, happy, and welcoming, I do not see how you can have a bad event here.

If you have any questions about our experience, please feel free to message me. I have plenty of photos, video, and would 10000% vouch for this place.

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Stewart manor only has three reviews because it is nestled and exists far away from the ideal main drags the factories like to inhabit. Just about everything aesthetically about this catering facility is opposite from what the big players are doing these days.
The lawn and gardens are kept in pristine condition for outdoor events. There could be some more privacy, but it doesn't really matter because the neighborhood is so quiet anyway. Its almost a relic of the past, when event spaces weren't circuses. The facade, cocktail room, bar, and bathrooms are all in classy shape.
Food is stellar here, I had the swordfish with rice and veggies, and I saw the steak and looked like an excellent choice too. Cocktail hour was also respectable.
The fifth star is lost due to the lack of attention to the ballroom. It needs help. I could see some large framed mirrors all over the ballroom walls, a few coats of paint here and there, and a lot less brown touches. In a nutshell, the place can use a relatively inexpensive makeover and would shine and stand right up to the competition. The small things of the architecture have been overlooked, but the attention to the client was superb.

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