Sterling National Country Club

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Having experienced the transition of sterling country club over the past few years the results are disappointing.  While the golf course is still kept in excellent condition, the budget squeeze is apparent in trap maintenance and other areas where any type of major expense is required.  The golf staff is a big plus to the club, making the experience as best they can considering the obvious upper management effort to maximize any revenue.  As a golf club, the staff and course are a very positive experience.   As a country club, the club is a failure.  The 'facilites' consist of one dining room which has to serve as resteraunt and member lounge.   The old member lounge has been removed and there are virtually no facilities avaialble for members.  The constant nickel and diming, guarding locker room towels, and other overly obviously money driven management decisions put a solid damper on the 'country club' experience.  Overall the Sterling National experience is over priced and very unsatisfying.

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