St Ives Country Club

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While working as a subcontractor at St.Ives over the past 5 years, I have had the pleasure of getting to know this place inside out. I've seen the usual changes you see at most country clubs, but none being the managers or members. Upper Mamagement keeps this place running on all cylinders all year, and the club is constantly busy with happy members.

St.Ives was one of the few country clubs in the area, if not the only one, who held stable during tough economic times. The experienced upper management combined with the very well suited board members keep this member owned club is strong shape financially and all other aspects.

Recently younger families have been joining as the membership director does a fantastic job putting together me membership programs, and keeping member retention high.

The food is always fantastic here as well. Definitely worth taking a look if you are looking for a new club to join.

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The members and staff make this an outstanding club.  The non-profit, member-owned status of the club is distinctly different than the many corporate owned clubs in the area.

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