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The new 2013 remodel has really brought new life to SCCC.  

The new bar, lounge, dining room etc. look and feel great.   The bar area has been made much larger with plenty of High Def flat screens to enjoy your favorite sporting event.  The grounds have always been beautiful so no real room for improvement in that department.  All around this place has been brought up to modern standards and gone is the old stuffiness.  In addition, there are many new menu items and the preparation has been an improvement from the old menu.  I particularly like to new flat breads and other appetizer selections (fried calamari, shrimp martini).  They also serve the best burgers in Belleville.  They normally have a good selection of entrees featuring Steaks, Seafood. Poultry and Pastas.  There is something for every taste except perhaps vegetarians. They need some work in that area along with the entire St. Louis metro area for that matter.

The service has also gone through a big improvement in 2013 although the evening black bow-ties and vest are too old school formal for my taste.
BTW- SSCC Management -wakeup and look at your web-site for crying out loud!  Your web-page still show the old finishing's before the remodel. Get with it . That was over 6 months ago it's time to update and show off the new digs.

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This is a really nice place.  I attended this for a really weird wedding reception.  

First let me say that the grounds were beautiful.  But the people were not.  The members were somewhat off-putting.  

The reception dinner had free wine / and beer outside.  You had to pay for wine and cocktails in the hall.  Not all that unusual from my experience.  However you also had to pay for soda?  I had heard that there was a charge for water, not sure on this.  

The food was ok for buffet food.  Beef and overcooked chicken selection, pasta with a watery alfredo sauce.  the scalloped potatoes were delicious.  You had to request coffee with cake.  Service was slowish and very inconsistent.  

One of our groups kids disappeared and we were looking for her.  Again not all that unusual, (lol).  This place does have a few more halls than your average reception hall.  I ventured over to the "Member's only" section.  I was given grief for coming over there until they heard the that a little girl was missing.  They did not offer any help however?  I did see a family sitting in different sections of the members only group.  Adults and kids.  They were essentially sneering at each other.  I thought this was very odd.  We found Libby and all was well.  

At the end of the reception with no regular supply of free non-alcoholic drinks, surprise there was an argument about the ownership of some golf carts left in front of the building with the keys in them.  Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.  This could have been avoided by the staff by putting the damn things away after dark, or how about taking the keys out of the ignition?  

I sure hope I am not invited to another wedding at this venue by close friends.

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