Squaw Creek Country Club

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The atmosphere is great, set on a golf course, it is a good place for a reception of any sort because they decorate and pay great attention to the quality of their course so you are able to have great outdoor photos taken here.  

Their facilities and the ballroom are always spotless.  The decor is mostly tasteful, however, I have been to event were the chairs were not uniform across the room.  I, personally, would not want that if I were hosting an event there.  

The food can be hit or miss though.  The chicken piccata is a good choice but I wouldn't recommend many of their potato choices.  Their white sauces are good, their red sauce is exactly what you would expect from banquet food - marinara rather than legit, belongs-on-macaroni, red sauce, that is slightly too sweet but edible.  

Their sister-establishment, Avalon, seems to be better on average for quality and taste of food.

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I am me a member and enjoy my time here, although the food is not good, any meal I get here time and time again has sucked, Avalons food has always been good as well as the service but sqauw not so much...

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I was very excited to attend a wedding for my friend this past weekend at The Squaw Creek Country Club. My parents had their wedding here almost 30 years ago and I have spent many fun summers hanging at the pool of this country club. I was surprised to see how much Squaw Creek had changed since I was last there (approximately 10 years ago). It was a beautiful place for a wedding...the ceremony was outside on the golf course and the room for the reception (inside) was absolutely gorgeous as well.

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