Spring Valley Country Club

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I want to give it 3.5 stars based on the wedding we recently attended.  I wasn't totally impressed with the facility from the guest's point-of-view.

First and foremost, guests have to park practically in Siberia and hike up an incline to get to the facility.  I thought I was going to have to leave a trail of breadcrumbs so I'd know how to get back to the car at the end of the night.  We walked in and there was no real clear direction on where to go -- where were our table assignments?  It wasn't until another guest directed us in the right direction after we walked by a few staff members.  

Things got a little better -- the room itself was beautiful and staff did a great job setting up tables and helping guests migrate from the cocktail hour to the dinner service.  It was hot outside, but the patio was still open and there were tables and chairs outside.  The views overlooked a professionally manicured golf course.

So what went from a four-star review to a three star review was the food.  Meh indeed.  The fish (mahi mahi) was very rubbery and served with a lot of olives.  Olives?  And fish?  Whatever.  Had I known, I would have had more salad.  Unfortunately, some of our table conversation was about the food (those that had the fish).

It was a beautiful facility, but with a little tweaks or different preferences, I would definitely recommend checking this facility out if you have upcoming nuptials.  Sharon may seem like a far distant town, but it's conveniently close to everything and easy for traveling guests.

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We spent an early June evening at Spring Valley for our friends' wedding.  The ceremony was beautifully done and the cocktail hour & reception were even better.  The passed hors d'oeuvres and cheese & cracker station were very satisfying, as was the self serve lemonade/iced tea set-up.  Comfortable lounge seating throughout and a spacious dance floor.  Our entrees of chicken & cod were perfectly portioned and the bartender/waiter service provided superb hospitality.  The distance between parking lot & country club is a bit of a walk, but the club grounds are pretty to look at.

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My husband and I just had our daughter's wedding this past Saturday 5/26/12. We cannot say enough about the service, food, and total expertise and professionalism of all the staff at Spring Valley.  We received many compliments on the food, venue, and how every need was met pleasantly.  We have special thanks to Joann, Will, and the food service director.  The openness and flow of this club created an environment which included all guests, whether they were dancers or not.

It was a humid evening for the cocktail hour, where they worked extremely hard to provide delicious appetizers and signature drinks for all.  We would recommend this country club, staff,  for any of your wedding needs.  Many thanks!!!

Paul and Dolores Mc. and bride and groom

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If I could give this venue negative stars, I would. My fiance and I booked our wedding here only to find out three months later that they had "double booked" our wedding date.  This all happened after receiving a contract and cashing our deposit.   They claim it was due to a system error, but made no effort to correct it.  Our only option was to find a new venue or change the month of our wedding because no other dates were available that month.  The management team appeared to disregard the severity of this error and did nothing to assist us in locating another venue. It took over a month to get our deposit back and a refund for our save the dates that had already been ordered.  After experiencing how poorly organized the management team is here, I'm actually very happy things did not work out.  I would not recommend this venue to anyone in hopes to spare others the pain and agony we went through.

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I have to agree with a reviewer below who said, "Went to a fantastic wedding and part of the total fabulousness of it all was this venue."

I was at Spring Valley Country Club for an evening wedding reception on 10-10-10.

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by friendly staff, who even asked how the ceremony went. They also had spiced apple cider martinis and wine available.

The deck off the main reception hall was very pretty, and a bunch of friends from college all gathered there. By the end of the night, the fire pits were lit, and many gathered around.

The portions of food were very big and I ended up giving most of my meal to my husband.

There was ample room on the dance floor for Thriller to break out and not hurt anyone watching. :-)

If any friends were looking for a reception hall in this area, I'd highly recommend Spring Valley Country Club.

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