Spring Mill Country Club

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We recently looked at the place for our daughter's wedding.  It is beautiful inside but needs some TLC.  The white doors were dirty and needed painting, the air conditioning noisy, and some ceiling tiles hanging.  The outside gazebo area was very nice and removed from any street noise.  If they would spruce up the place a bit we might consider using it for the wedding.

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We have attended several parties at the reception facility, and I always feel like I am attending a party at  a nursing home when I am there.   Although the club's exterior has curb appeal, the interior is bland and verging on the tacky/ shabby.  

The food reminds me of dorm food:  Uninspired and flavorless.   The servers were very efficient (perhaps overly so, as they were collecting dishes before the entire table had completed a course).

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I'm reviewing the reception hall. Service is terrible. Our food came out late consistently for every course. We did not have enough forks. Our waitress did not ask anyone at out table if we wanted coffee, even though all the other tables got coffee. Maybe we had a incompetent waiter/waitress team, but it reflects poorly on the institution. I do not recommend organizing events in their reception hall. TERRIBLE SERVICE!!

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Fun location and good pricing, but to be fair, I can only speak on the Driving Range, the Chip (pitch) and Putt, and the Miniature Golf. This place is a very fun experience, and if you are a casual player, or a family, or just a group of friends, I'd recommend Spring Mill. If your looking for a serious game of golf, this isn't the best place for that.

The Driving Range is okay. They booths are on a bit of a slant, so its difficult to figure out range, and if they wasn't hard enough the flag distances are labeled incorrectly. The range faces the actual country club building, so the view isn't the best either.

The Chip and Putt course is a pretty nice course for what it is. Don't take putting on the greens here too seriously, because they are cut pretty poorly and not extremely maintained. It's a fun 18 hole chip and putt. Usually a lot of families and groups of friends are playing, so don't expect or treat it like your on a real course. Every hole I'm pretty sure is a par 3, so you really aren't hitting far when the longest hole is around 60ish yards.

In terms of price, this is actually a pretty good place to spend an afternoon or evening. For a jumbo bucket of balls at the driving range, it is around $9, and a game of chip and putt comes out to $8/person. You can really spend a couple of hours on the chip and putt course for a really great deal.

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