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I can only review this club as a guest of a wedding that took place here a few weeks ago. There are some GREAT things about this club as a venue, but the downsides were substantial enough to overtake those.

The Good:
-the food. Seriously, some of the best wedding food from a country club that I've ever had. The plated dinner was good, but the passed appetizers were PHENOMENAL. I don't think I've ever fallen in love with a mini-reuben. Totally did, though.
-the staff/servers were very attentive and brought drinks continuously during the cocktail hour. Super friendly as well.
-Very spacious ballroom--huge dance floor, can accompany large weddings.

The Bad:
-ant infestation? Ok, they probably can't control that, but the wedding was outside and the chairs were CRAWLING with ants. The bride had been told that they would spray prior to the wedding. Apparently, they didn't.
-Perhaps this is par for the course, but we were required to take down all the decorations and place settings prior to the end of the reception (apparently there was a wedding there the next day early on). I'd never heard of having to break down the decorations PRIOR to the end of the reception. We tried to hide this from the bride as much as possible.

The Ugly:
-The bar closes during dinner. Just CLOSES. No warning, nothing. They will give you coffee and water, but nothing else. I thought that this was perhaps my friend's choice, but I came to learn that it's a venue policy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an alcoholic that HAS to drink continuously during weddings, but a little advanced warning would be nice. If there are cocktails before, it seems strange that they would stop drink service DURING dinner (but then resume it after). Odd.

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So I had my wedding here a few weeks ago.  The wedding day was great.  However, the planning sucked!  I would have given it 4 stars but  the fact that planning was a HUGE headache.  It was the only thing that stressed the hell out of the bride and groom!   I will say if you see the place, it is beautiful!  It accommodates over 300+ for wedding banquets.  The dance floor is huge!  It has two fireplaces flanked on both sides of the dance floor, a view of the lake, plus we had a lakeside wedding ceremony which was beautiful.  I couldn't have asked for more.  On the down side, I had to deal with the most ridiculous lady director of food and beverage and I was ready to cry in the middle of the planning stages.  First of all we signed the contract the year before which we thought it meant we get the prices for the year we signed the contract.  Also, she did not respond to emails in a prompt manner.  Two weeks prior to our wedding we had to actually go there and settle all the questions we had for her before the event took place.  And it took an 'upsetting' email for her to understand how we were feeling to apologize up front on not getting back to us.  

In the end, she kissed ass and gave me my price for last year's prices and did accommodate our event by doing buffet style which made things WAY easier as far as not dealing with seating arrangements and people could eat as much as they wanted.  And it didn't hurt that it's a beautiful place.

In response to my sister's take on it, I know she had mentioned during rehearsal that they were yelled at for eating and drinking the club's items, but as the bride and groom we were responsible to let them know beforehand that nobody is allowed drinks and food because it is a club.  And for those who are club members, they would like to see their members being taken care of first, which is understandable.  We are not part of the club, we are just renting their space for our event, therefore I see the club's side of it.  

All in all, it's a beautiful event space, multiple spots for an outdoor wedding or indoor.  The food is excellent!  Prices are hiking up there, but you may be better off going buffet style, you might get more than the normal one platter thing.  This place charges you for EVERYTHING!  So, if you want an outdoor wedding, it's extra, as well as linens, rental items to accessorize your event...they will push for you to rent their items, but you need to put your foot down when you want to rent outside their items.  Hopefully it goes well for prospective wedding renters!  Good luck with them!

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The review is actually for the location for my sister's wedding reception.  It's a shame that the place is so beautiful, and the event planner was so inflexible.  She seemed very disgenuous.  First of all my sister got upcharged for on her contract for the current year's prices when she signed the contract last year when there was nothing on the contract that stated that.  She made a stink at the dress rehearsal when we waited in the member's only area and ate some of the snacks nor could we buy beverages from the bar.  It's not like we didn't throw down money for the reception there, and neither is it cheap.  So, what if we have some nuts, pretzels, and popcorn?!  How much did that really cost you to purchase?  Seriously, that's still revenue that's generated if I purchase drinks at the bar.  It was tough also not to think it was a racial issue, because I feel that we may have been treated differently if we were white.  I was honesty worried how the actual ceremony and reception was going to go.  The ladies locker room was very nice and spacious.  You can find everything in there that a woman could possibly need.  The room could probably accomodate 300-400 people.  The food was excellent here!  The buffet is probably the best I've had at a wedding.  The beef was tender and juicy.  The chicken also very flavorful.  The green beans were cooked right on par, not soft and soggy nor was it raw.   I want to not recommend the place because of the person and she's the only point person you can deal with, but the place was great.

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