Spook Rock Golf Course

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The course would be fine if the fee wasn't so ridiculous. It is listed as a public course. My fiancée and I went to play 18holes....$170!!!! The guys we played w paid $22 each. If I walked into a place that had a nice clubhouse and posted their prices, it might have been easier to swallow but the woman at the desk was snippy and unwelcoming. When I went to use the bathroom (needs updating) they had the door propped open and I could hear the front desk conversation In The bathroom stalls.  The starter was a great guy and friendly but we won't be back.

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I give it five stars, because it's quiet far away from the world the place to have peace of mind, To play with your family and join other families In getting to know them.
They also have a small little play area for the children, Where they could play all day without a worry in the world.
They also have a small picnic area plus a basketball court.
And the feet in the pools Varies.
From 2 feet to 12 feet, They also have a diving boards.
I have to say I can't wait to go back out there.
Also before I forget, Did I mention, the pool is in a Forest environment, it's Pretty cool.
You feel, so Close to nature, and the Staff is pretty friendly .
The The cost to enter the pool $11 for children and $13 four adult.
Small price to pay for Sanity and enjoyment.

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I am a frequent golfer and i live only 15minutes away from this gorgeous golf course. Too bad they were charging $75 yesterday,...a Wednesday in October,....as they were aerating the fairways!!! We were told not to drive on 6 holes due to the maintenance. All those pretty aeration plugs made the fairways impossible to play. And it was really nice of them to blow all the leaves off the fairways into the rough and bunkers, rather than picking them up. That way I didn't have to bother looking for the 6 balls I lost that were in the first cut. Oh, and thanks for piling the leaves up so deep in the bunkers that USGA rules state I can not remove....that was really interesting.

Ok. So why no discount????

They had recently aerated the greens, yet are still charging full price,....in October!!!!!??????

Now I know why the course was deserted,....and I also won't be back. Mgmt needs to get a clue. It's a $75 course in June. In fall,...don't bother getting ripped off here.

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