Southern Meadows Golf Club

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This course is open which is very suitable for those who want to "practice" but not want to be on a driving range. It is a simple and straight forward course with several Par 4s and some easy Par 3s.

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As a golf "course" I give this place a 1. As a place to golf I give it a 4. Let me explain...Southern Meadows is a tiny 9 hole golf course sitting on a few acres of land off Rt 15 in Rush (between Henrietta and Avon). The course is completely open with a few small bushes and tiny trees planted here and there. They have also jammed in a small driving range, putting green, and clubhouse. There are just as many par 3s here as par 4s and nearly every hole is the same boring straight shot with no obstacles or hills.

I love this place because I cant stand driving ranges, it's just too static for me and I like walking around and changing it up on every shot. I like that for $10 (the price of many driving ranges) I can come here with an hour or two to spare and practice with a quick 9 holes. If you come here with that mindset you'll love it. If you come here looking for a proper round of golf you'll hate this hole in the wall.

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