Somersett Golf and Country Club

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4* Somersett Golf & Country Club
2019 Championship Trail
Reno, NV 89523
Bought a good value voucher to play
Beautiful course with foothill views
Great staff, especially the marshall Bob who is super
A little bit of water, some holes with dozens of bunkers (or so it seems), rolling hills  
Suggest that diagrams of the holes be placed at tee boxes
Definitely a place to play

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I got lucky and was asked to play Somersett.  The weather in Reno was nice, about 85 as a  high so I jumped at the chance.

I have not been to the golf club here and if you havent either, know that the drive and all the crazy roundabouts do actually lead somewhere.  Ya, its a bit of a hike, but the community is nice to look at and its uber quiet out there.  As we pulled up to the clubhouse I was surprised that the club is still in a temporary facility.  I get it as a clubhouse can be a huge chunk of change and the price to play a round here for Somersett residents is rediculously low.  The staff was very nice and have a nice relationship with members.

After warming up, we made our way to the first tee.  The course is in great shape and it wasnt crowded.  We did not wait at any hole.  The course is long, has gnarly elevation changes and there is trouble on almost every hole.  That's all before the wind picks up!  The wind started blowing and it was mild, maybe 10-15 mph.  Hellllllllllo Suckville!!  A tough course gets very tough with wind.  My buddy told me it blows up there regularly.

The wind, temp facilities and the drive all hinder this place.  I wouldnt want to live out here but Iwill come back and have another crack on the links.

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I'm not a big golfer, but my husband is, and he can't say enough about how much he enjoys playing there.  We both absolutely love the staff, and the members.  So thankful to have Somersett Country Club in our community.

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My husband and I are members of Somersett Country Club in Reno. We absolutely love the club. It's a stunning course and is always well maintained. We've been members of many clubs in the past and honestly Somersett is one of the most beautifully maintained courses. The members are extremely friendly and welcoming. We joined last May and by the end of the summer we had wonderful new friends and many great memories. We really enjoy the golf and the social aspects of the club. The parties are fun and the food is amazing!! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and excited about the future of our club. I would highly recommend Somersett Country Club to anyone interested in a friendly golf community and to meet some of the most wonderful people ever. Come out and give us a visit.

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