Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course

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this is a great course for beginners or a golfer looking for a low pressure relaxed time. its very reasonably priced and easy to walk with a push cart. there are a couple of nice putting areas a chippong area with a sand trap and you can hit a bucket of balls for 4 bucks and hit off the grass or under a roof. it is far from fancy but everyone is so nice and friendly.

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Weighing in at 5465 yards and a par 71 (only one set of tees, except on par 5s where there is a ladies tee box), this course is one of those places to go to get your confidence back if your swing has been a little off lately. It's also a great course for novices because the fairways are pretty wide open and there really aren't too many places to get in trouble if you hit a duck hook or a nasty slice (thin tree lines, usually bordered by another wide open fairway). I spent a lot of my days as a junior golfer out here not only for it's proximity to my childhood home, but also for the ability to play a round of golf without losing several balls.

It's short, flat (very walkable), and the greens are forgiving and not very undulating. They manage to keep the fairways and greens in fairly good shape, even in the winter months. There are a few dry, hard spots in the summer, but that  just means you'll get a little extra roll, which will make your next shot even shorter.

It's not the fanciest course ever and at times the lips of the cups can make it difficult to sink a couple putts unless you hit it dead center, but the views of the mountains and the proximity of the river are pleasant scenery, especially on those picturesque Seattle summer days. Yesterday, my dad and I saw a hawk fly over us with a fish in it's talons that it had caught in the river adjacent to the 3rd tee box.

If you can't quite break 100/90/80 at other courses, come here. It's quite likely that you'll leave wanting to brag about your low score to your buddies!

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This is a good course if you haven't played golf for a while. It also serves fine for veterans just won't challenge you too much. It's close to but completely different from the TPC course at Snoqualmie. I think it's a fun course that I'll continue to play when I'm  looking for an easy 18 not too far from Seattle.

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If you have never been to this course, you are about to get lost.  Everything goes great for the first 6 holes, but then you will be lost trying to find 7, 8 and 9 tee boxes.  On the back nine you will look out from 12 or 13 and see two greens.  Where to go?  Who knows?  Problem is, this happens all the time, but the management won't bother to put up sings or arrows to help you out.

It's too bad because it's a nice little course, but it will piss you off.   Also, the greens are rock hard frozen in the Winter months.

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Great little golf course. The course isn't long or tough and is perfect for a beginner. There are very few holes where you can get into a lot of trouble.

Course is surrounded by farms and the Snoqualmie river. Its not uncommon to see an Alpaca or a heard of Beefalo roaming around the out of bounds area. Also there is a tiny little airport right next to the course and its not uncommon to get buzzed by a bi-plane or Cessna while on the 10th green or 11th tee.

Really beautiful scenery as the course is in a little valley surrounded by hills and mountains.

The club house restaurant makes a mean Bacon, egg and cheese and has $2 Rolling Rock drafts all the time. They also have 4-5 beers on tap and have the typical grill style food. Burgers, grilled cheese, hot dogs, etc.

Pro shop is moderately stocked but the staff is really nice and will order you anything they can if you don't see it there. Prices are generally better than Puetz as well.

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