Snee Farm Country Club

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my friend who lives in the snee is harassed by the shady hoa all the time. If you live in this pretty place, make sure you make the hoa give you receipts when you pay your monthly regime fee. That's just a tip, which means this review will probably be flagged and deleted again, although it should be useful.

i find it enormously gratifying that my review of the snee, from way back in 2007, finally got deleted. imagine someone taking the time to read it and then flagging it, and then someone at yelp has to read it and make a decision about whether it belongs on yelp: if you've actually read my review, multiple people taking the time to read, judge, and delete it, is Hilarious.
according to yelp, it lacks a "first-hand experience," which is ironic, because if yelp had ever had a first-hand experience in the snee, especially at night, when my review takes place, they too would've been lost. let me spell it out for people who apparently can't read: i got fucking lost. that's the entire story. now you don't have to read it, so move along. nothing to see here.
over the years and through many friends, i've had fun times in this swirling eddy of an oak-lined suburb - and i Still get lost, if it's night-time and an off-beat address. i actually have a good sense of direction, too. that is all.
now to repost some words that apparently bother the official snee farm country club (seeing as mine is the only review, so who else is bothering to read and flag? some sober snee-ite with Way too much time on his hands? yay!! spend time on me!!)
(from some cursed forgotten summery night in the blurred year of '07)

the farm that is snee:
a labyrinth of lost souls, a maze of darkness and light, a seething vortex of roads crissing and crossing into infinity, and, incidentally, the first subdivision in mt p! it doesn't matter how many times you've been here or how keen your sense of direction is, this place always begs that age-old question (how do i get the fuck out of here?). stupid me. i don't travel with bread crumbs. turning the corner is like spinning the roulette wheel, but the house always wins, so good luck. i felt like little red ridinghood straying farther and farther from the path, but where are the flowers? are there only wolves and minotaurs here? i half expected a faerie queene. hold on. me as little red ridinghood?! that is fucking ridiculous. am mildly retarded. the color red's not bad, though, and anything with a cape and hood is good business as far as i'm concerned. but i say if you are not cut out for li'l red's adventures, stay away! do not come here and expect to get out! in fact, i'm still stuck here, circling the block. please send food.

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Just played 18 holes today with my son. We had a great time. The course was in very good shape. The people in the pro shop were very nice. The driving range was off of mats however I think that's becoming more commonplace these days. The tee boxes were in great shape the fairways were in great shape and the greens were in great shape

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