Smyrna National Golf Course

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I'm new to foot golf and this is one of two courses I've played so take this review with a grain of salt.

The guy in the pro shop is very friendly and helpful.  I like how the 9 hole foot golf course is laid out.  It's a bit of a walk from the first to second and again from the eighth to ninth but this is why I like this course.  I'm really there for the exercise and to visit with my fellow foot golfer.

Two can finish the course in roughly an hour (minus any slackers).  Well worth the $7.50 to play.  I brought my own #5 soccer ball but if you need one they will rent you a ball for $3.  It has turned into a weekly event that I look forward to playing.

A family of four would do well here.  Bring water though.  Anymore than 4 and you would probably be better to play the 9 hole course at the VA in Murfreesboro which is a much shorter course.  Small children would do better with a shorter course.

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I play this couse a lot since it is close to where I live. Always have a good time and they offer a par 3 course too.

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