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I have played many courses in the world and I think Sleepy ranks among the top. i I prefer it to Winged Foot.  Fairways are wide and forgiving greens aren't super fast but prove to be fast enough and true.  The views are incredible, maybe 20 mile view up the Hudson. This is the real deal. Trumps nearby Briarcliff Manor course seems like a tight little executive course next to this beauty. Have a good round!

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Posh. Went there for a banquet food was ok.

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Five stars in the corporate outing department. Really interesting golf course. Great layout, terrific views of the Hudson River. Truly unique venue.  Quite neat greens complexes -- many raised and undulating. Bunkering unique as well. Course conditions were excellent. Our caddy was knowledgeable, hard working, and at the right times entertaining. Banquet meals (lunch dinner) tasty and ample buffets. Staff were all welcoming.  Never felt like interlopers. Range was a bit small with only a couple of targets to aim at, near and far.  But there are practice holes that I suspect give the members all the scoring practice they need.  Thumbs up. Big fan.

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i have been on a lot of golf courses both nationally and internationally, this is about the best there is. SHCC was opened in 1911, sculpted out of the hills and trees, with rolling fairways and small targets, some tricky undulations. it was in incredible shape from tee to green. from 6800+++ yards this is a great course. if you are lucky enough to play there DONT PASS IT BY, you will miss something very special.
caddie....excellent (dwayne)
views of the hudson....excellent

very special place and i just cant put it into words...


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Where do I even start with this review? Let me start by saying that I was a guest of a member for Labor Day weekend. My family and I were invited up to Sleepy Hollow for 3 days of golfing, tennis and laying out by the pool. Not to mention eat the amazing food and drink the amazing drink that this place had to offer.

A little bit of history: As I understand it, this mansion turned country club used to be a Vanderbilt estate. It's located on the Hudson, about 1h drive north of NYC. I guess the town of Sleepy Hollow is most famous for the legend of the headless horseman by Washington Irving. Anyway, back to the country club. Let's just put it this way: take a look at the photos and keep in mind that the initiation fee to this club is $100,000. That's just the initiation fee. I have no idea how much yearly membership costs. Part of me doesn't want to know.

Needless to say that this club is exclusive. I don't think that I have ever seen so much Polo in one place. Not surprising since there is a terribly strict dress code that doesn't allow jeans, t-shirts or other unseemly clothing. Then again, my $10 skirt from Wal-Mart seemed to be totally acceptable. But I saw little boys from the age of 3, being dressed in popped collars and Ralph Lauren pants. Girls dressed up in their floral sun dresses and pearls. It was a sight to be seen. I felt like I had landed at a fraternity reunion.

All sarcasm and cynicism aside, this place is amazing. It's beautiful. Everywhere you look, nature surrounds you. All you hear are the pinging of golf balls being hit and the children laughing in the pool and the occasional breaking of a wine glass. No cell phones ring because they are strictly prohibited. It's a fabulous way to get away from it all.

SHCC offers golf on either its 18 hour course or its smaller 9 hole course. They have 8 tennis courts (I think), stables, a pool, and in the winter, skeet shooting. Sadly, I didn't get to do everything because I only had 3 days. Guess I'll just have to go back.

The food is immaculate. On my first night, I had what was possibly the best lamb of my life. It was tender and juicy and so full of flavour that I wanted more. Seriously, I was about to have seconds. On the second night, I had lobster with truffles. And I'm not talking about truffle butter or truffle sauce - I had real truffles on my plate. Thinly sliced pieces sat there atop my full lobster. The scent drifted over the entire room, making everyone else sniff the air. On my last night, I was witness to a lobster bake. Imagine a clam bake but with lobsters. So it was a lobster buffet. I had yet another full lobster (granted, without the fantastic truffles that I am still drooling about) and tons of oysters, shrimp, mussels, sea bass, calamari and any other sort of sea food that you can imagine. My god those people know how to throw a party.

So if you are ever lucky enough to be invited to this place, or are possibly a member (in which case, I consider you my new best friend) go!!! The food is incredible, the service is immaculate, the rooms are antiquated yet cozy and the sports are great.

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