Sinaloa Golf Course

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this is my new hometown course.  it's cheap, it's close and i can work on my short game here.  the longest whole is 150 and that's hole number 9 the rest range from 80-130s and overall its a fairly easy course, but can always throw you for a loop when you land in some densely packed sand that some may not even consider sand.  it's a good short course to bring your friends and even newcomers nobody will bother you here.  it's $10 on the weekdays and $12 on the weekends.  they have a small driving range and they mats are so so and also a small chipping area that could use some care, but overall it's a short fun course.

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Yes my friends, it is true: Mark B. is now a golfer. Now raise your hand if you're surprised. No? No one? Fine.....buncha assholes

So my parents are reaching that grand ole age of retirement and have since taken up golfing so as not to be bored when there not at work. And since I am a loving and dutiful son, decided to go out with them on a golfing venture a while back. MAN!! Golf is great. I mean really great. I can totally see why people go golfing. It's like yoga without stretching....good one Mark ::pat on the back:: No really, all you think about when you golf is golf, not work, not holidays, just golf. It's really fun.

Anyway, onto the review. Sinaloa golf course is one of the nicer 9 holes I've been to. It's a very pretty golf course and though only nine holes, it was a lot of fun. They did a great job of mixing relatively easy holes with some more challenging stuff. For the most part, the holes are all well taken care of (aside from the track marks on the tee from miss swings) and well thought out. Being a beginner, no course was extremely difficult (though I was in the sand for a hole or two) but it wasn't difficult to get out and the courses were difficult enough where I had to do some planning.

They also sport a very small putting green and a driving range. The prices were also very fair and the service was satisfactory. I only wish that the ball truck had come around when I was driving. I do so much better when I'm trying to hit that damn truck. I don't know what it is but I just get so jazzed trying to smash a ball into the side of the truck. Neanderthal much?

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