Sinaloa Golf Course

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Great place to either learn the game or just enjoy a quick round of golf. All the holes are par 3 so it takes roughly 90 minutes for a complete game without rushing it. The staff was also very polite and helpful.

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A great little course for anyone, and the price is right.  I gave it four stars because of the low price, super-friendly staff, well-kept greens, reduction of geese (and resultant abundance of goose-poo), AND it's nice to have a par-three course that doesn't use mats at the tee boxes...yay.
I love seeing families play here, and everyone from beginners to weekend duffers to advanced players working on their short games.  It's a good place to play as a single and join up with two or three people, because everyone is always so chill about their golf game here.  Also, you can play in less than an hour when it's not crowded.
The sixth hole is the BEST!

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Fun course, longest hole 165 yards.

Each of the 9 holes is a replica of a "classic" par 3 hole, i.e. 12th at Augusta. Course is in decent condition, greens are some of the best I have seen.

My website has the full review with pics and videos.
Richie's World of Golf

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Super-duper inexpensive to hit some range balls.  We came on Thursday, apparently we got double the balls, 4$ for a large bucket.  Sweet.  Let's not even go double entendre on that, whoops too late.

Anyways,  hitting golf balls is a great de-stressing activity.  Unless you are pretty bad, which okay I'll say it, I'm no pro.  I may have been co-captain of the girl's golf team back in high school, but it was only due to seniority, not skill.  Ha.  However, I have fun out there.  Who needs an excuse to hang out with family and crack all the caddyshack, billy madison, or tin cup quotes you know.  I know I can quote many scenes from those movies word-for-word.  

I've played here in the past, it is alright.  Condition is average at best, but its a parks and rec course which helps to keep the costs down.  I didn't use the practice putting green.  My only minor quibble, quite a few of the mats on the range are not level.  Mats generally are not the best hitting surface anyways, so that is not such a surprise.  For what it is, it is a good course and a fun place to come for an afternoon or morning, whatever your fancy.

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9 holes of par 3 fun, Sinaloa is a good way to get your golf fix fulfilled when money and time are both short. Most of the time a round here will last no longer than an hour and a half but on weekends and holidays, when the weather is good, hole 3 can get really backed up and I've experienced a 3 hour round.

Longest shot you will hit will probably be on the 9th hole with an 8 iron (maybe a 7 on windy days) otherwise you'll be using your pitching wedge and down for most of the other holes. The lay out is pretty flat with the exception of hole 6. Surprisingly there is sand on 6 of the 9 holes. I like that you're able to hit off of real grass. On the shorter holes you can choose not to tee it up so you can work on your short game. Some of the longer holes I tee it up to simulate par 3's on other courses.

The driving range isn't anything special but in a matter of months that may not make a difference because the city is planning on taking it out completely to make room for a putt-putt course. That should be interesting :/ At least they're leaving the par 3 course alone.

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