Simi Hills Golf Course

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Excellent course, nice facilities and excellent staff.  The course is always well maintained even in this drought we're having.  Probably the best golf for the price in the area.

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This was my home course when I lived in CA.  This course is one of my favorite course in Ventura County.  Course appears to always be in very decent shape, which is more than I can say for a lot of the other course in the area.  

Service is solid, the driving range is serviceable.  I really like the practice putting green, very large.  They also have a great club fitter guy located next to the driving range.  Anything you need done to your clubs, Jason's club shack is the man for you.  Prices are also very reasonable, especially if you like walking.  I do recommend booking a tee time because they can get busy.

This course is deceptively difficult.  The course designer did a good job of using angles, distance, and elevation to throw a wrench into one's confidence.  Santa Ana winds can also wreak havoc in your game 3-4 months out of the year.  

At the end of the day, its a great course for someone who wants to work on their game without going broke.  You will be forced to use a variety a shots.

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Wow, this course is in great shape for a muni.  The greens are almost as good as Robinson Ranch.  The superintendent deserves a raise or an award.  He's done some amazing work here.  

Pace of play still sucks.  We saw a marshall but never saw him do anything but wave to people.  Is that his job?  No, his job is to keep the course moving.  We left at 15 when we realized it'd probably take another two hours to finish.  If only the marshall was as good at his job as the superintendent is at his.

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Course is playing really nicely and is in very good shape considering the drought. Greens are nicer than Rustic and the fairways are all in nice shape. Bunkers are VERY firm and to be avoided on most holes. As others have said, most holes are pretty forgiving as the OB slopes up on one side and can kick poor shots fair pretty often. Overall a real gem of a public course that offers up enough challenges for the better golfers and is forgiving enough for hacks like me.

Only real knocks are it can be slow at times with walkers/old timers and the jean short wearing crew that belong to the jacked up trucks in the lot...

There is a beverage cart but it can be seldom seen at times so discrete BYBO is the way to go.

Again, for a muni it's terrific and pretty affordable, highly recommend twilight rounds in the summer, you can get at least 14 in at a regular pace.

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The course is a great challenge.  The greens can be unforgiving at times.  You have to know the course how it's plays with the slopes of the mountains around it.  Beautiful views.  Highly recommend this course.  All 18's should be a Par 5.  This one has water to play with on your second shot and it's a blind treat laughing out loud - well worth the drive

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