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Not a huge fan the fairways were in brutal condition for August lots of the greens were chewed up.... It's a short course you could score well here if u got a decent shot ... Couple greens are drive able if you got a good drive but for the price won't be back ... All tho the staff were friendly but the course was in horrible shape for August

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I have played Silverwing a few times now so I feel like I can give a review without using only one round as my measuring stick. The course at Silverwing are decent. Nothing terrible, but nothing special. Every time i have gone there though, their course organization and tee time booking has been atrocious. They have three nines with no starters and no one making sure that pace is kept. The result of this is tee times seemingly booked 2-3 minutes apart sometimes, and golfers starting on whatever nine that they feel like. This causes major log jams on certain parts of the course, while other parts are wide open for 5 holes at a time. I gets really frustrating when you're trying to get a quick nine in after work and it takes 3 hours.

*footnote* they used to have GPS units in all of their carts but they removed them all for some reason...

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Silverwing is a well maintained links golf course near Calgary airport. The course is beautiful, the setting serene, and the greens well-maintained. Furthermore, the staff is phenomenal. More than once the staff helped checked on us during our twilight round of golf. Also, with 27 different holes, Silverwing has a lot to offer its customers in terms of different challenges and experiences.

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Silverwing is a prototype links golf course.  This place has to be windy almost every day of the year as it sits on a flat piece of property that is completely exposed to mother nature with hardly a tree in sight.  I play golf for a living and while I'm not a diva, there are certain standards every golf course should stand for.  First off, as a professional, almost every course gives pros some sort of a discount.  Not so here.  The greens rolled about as quick as your grandmother's shag carpet.  The Calgary airport neighbors this course.  I'm not kidding when I could have taken my 5 iron out of the bag several times and hit a plane landing on the busy runway.  Other than aggressively noisy surrounds, expensive greens fees, and slow putting surfaces I had a nice time being outside on a wonderful Summer day in Canada.  I may take my sticks somewhere else the next time.

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The staff were friendly and the course has lots of potential but there were a few little things that need to be improved. They need more course marshals to ensure rules are followed. Bunkers were rarely raked, the greens were covered in divots and ball marks. Both are problems with educating new golfers on the proper course etiquette. It just didn't feel like a course that was serious about maintain a quality experience. The clubhouse had signs stating "No Jeans" but both the groups ahead of us and behind us had people wearing jeans. When you don't enforce such simple rules, people don't bother following other rules.

The sand traps on the course are horrible. Too many were little more than clay and gravel. On the plus side as often as not your ball would roll through the trap rather than getting stuck in it.

Overall we enjoyed the course and its layout. I was surprised to not even notice the airport next door while we were playing though.

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