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    I was here for weeding, playing golf with my clients, and this time for fundraising for San Jose Mayoral Candidate Dave Cortese at the Club House.

  Silver Creek Valley Country Club is defitely the better one in the Silicon Valley Area in term of the amenity, the golf course, the club house, the food and wine selection, and the gorgeous porperty.

    The tennis course, the swimming pool, the spacious view and plenty of parking spaces. The food is limited but fair, nothing special. We had the halibut and the steak, as well as the salad, and the cake. It's bandquet food, so we don't expect much, but here, the chef does a better job that other country club that we've been too.

   Although this time we had the lower level room for the fundraising event, the woman server has full of attitude. I asked her if she can break me some changes so I can tip the server. She said: "This is the members only club, we don't carry cash here." I also smack her in the face, but I didn't. I wonder she was being a [email protected]#% is it because we were majority Vietnamese here.

   Then she said: "I have to charge you $20 per botle corkage fee." Just because I opened a bottle of wine myself. Geezzz you would think that this is a Country Club right? And $20 charge, she should told my friend, the one that is member of this event, not me!

    Then she saw my business card as a sommelier. She said: "my niece is the highest level Sommelier too!" At this point I really want to tell her to SHUT UP. It's non of her freaking business, her job is a server, she should just do her job and makin gher guests happy. Instead, she's freaking annoying and disturbing at the same time.

    Then I handed her $20 cash tip. She shutted up finally. What's a relief.

     My bestfriend and my clients, as well as my community got together here to support the future San Jose Mayor. It was a great event for all the effort we did, the money, the wines, the time we donated. I wish my guests and friends would have a better expirience! Oh and her name was Jennifer I believe, an overweight middle age woman. There was only her and another Mexican young guy served our room that night, so sad, so sad! It was SAT OCT 11, 2014.

     By 9:30 PM, the servers both, rushed up out, took our dinner plate in a hurrry while everyone was still chatting up and taking photos. The service was simply 1 of the worst I've ever received and I've been around a few blocks!

    Maybe I'm not a white rich woman, but man, I didn't beg to be here. I came to raisefund for a good cause. I came to help my clients and entertained my friends.  Maybe I speak broken English and being an immigrant, but gosh damn it, you are here to serve me. Just do your job better next time and DO NOT judge people! Because you don't know who you serve!

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Aint I just a fancy mofo?! Four stars cuz everything is off the hook here, but minus one cuz the food I ate inside wasnt all that. Everything else makes me feel like I own stuff. LOL

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The food was good but the waiter was disturbing my family when we were eating. We kept on saying no to coffee and yet she put coffee in our cups and spilled it.

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My hubby & I got married here on August 24, 2014. Our same day edit is here:

We truly loved SCVCC. I grew up in the Meadowlands - just across the street - and swam on the SCVCC team for years with my sister so it really felt nice to get married in my "backyard". The Club is a gorgeous venue and our favorite part was the banquet hall. The long side of the wall is entirely floor-to-ceiling windows and its just perfect for receptions that start around sunset. The waterfall near the ceremony area is also a nice addition to the outdoor romantic ambiance.

What sets the Club apart from any other venue and what made our experience flawless is our wedding planner, Risa Coler, who is an exclusive planner for the Club. Risa is THE BEST WEDDING PLANNER IN THE WORLD!! I cannot say enough good things about her. From day one, she was responsive, positive (SO important to have this when things get stressful), detail-oriented, a great listener, and an all-around lovely person to be around. She truly went ABOVE & BEYOND. I've heard that most wedding planners that come with venues aren't top of the line but Risa is the true exception to that. Even on our wedding day, it was because of her that our day was so magical.

Some other things that might be helpful for those looking at the Club. All answers were provided to us by the Club when doing our research:

1) They allow outside caterers with some restrictions: $1500 refundable security deposit required for caterer to use kitchen. Caterer must provide insurance, must be licensed.

2) 300 guests is the ideal # for this venue. If you have significantly more than that, it's probably not the choice for you.

3) If you're looking for hotel options for your guests, they recommend the Marriot Residence in on Silicon Valley Blvd or the Hayes Mansion. We went with Hyatt Place San Jose / Downtown & Four Points by Sheraton instead.

4) They have a full bar (not like wineries that don't serve hard alcohol).

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I use to work here and you all need to know the truth. Country club has the worst management ever they treat the cooks like robots and worst of all they made us serve left over food. Don't be fooled by these people they are after your money and they feed you garbage please hear my warning for your own sake. Once they let you go they toss you away without any last words do not waste your time at this crooked place. They actually made us serve gray hamburger meat and rancid meats for sandwiches do not go to the pool area there you will get food poisoning. The new cooks we have now are unsanitary and do not carry a serve safe certification. All the managers are rats and total liars they find ways to sabotage other employees do not come here you are in major risk of food poisoning and being lied to your face.

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